Trend shoes AW 2016: retrò silhouettes and extravaganceextravagance


Trend shoes AW 2016: six months have passed since we have seen it on the catwalk. It’s now time to finally came into autumn \ winter trends.

Retro silhouettes, geometric and sculptural heels, but also to show extravagances.

There will be something for every taste. Also for those on you on a budget, since we all know how low cost brands are copying the style proposed during fashion weeks.

Trend shoes AW 2016: sandals, boots & co

There are no fixed rules. The tip is rounded on Blugirl and Dolce & Gabbana’s catwalks. Slightly squared on Rebecca Minkoff’s mary jane. Totally pointed for Luisa Beccaria, Alberta Ferretti’s boots and open heel at Dior.

There is a fair amount of extravagance, as much as you could envy at the balls in Versailles, for Fendi’s. Either for cuissardes or base models. As usual there are sandals and décolleté, this time worn with tights and socks.

All shades for trend shoes AW 2016

This autumn \ winter we will not be so trendy to die for cold. In addition to cuissard proposed by Fendi, there is the return of socks. Woolen ones, thick and colored, for Prada. Perforated and embroidered for Blugirl and Etro. Wear them with sandals or Mary Jane.

There are basically all of the colors, as well as styles. From rose quartz to blue serenity (pantone of the year). There is burgundy, passing through red. Obviously there are many proposals in black. The painted leather ones, like the fabulous red boots now on sale from Zara; maxi wedges and the suade ones.

And in addition shoes for next autumn winter 2016 are going to be comfortable. No super high heel. They are rather going to be thick and squared. And for those who can not give up the extra inches?

Fabulous wedges inspired to the 70’s. Seen on Gucci and Rochas’s catwalks.




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