Why you should not buy just Zara

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Why shouldn’t you buy your clothes from just Zara?  Well, here’s why!  Because when you were in school did you use the Bignami? And these days do you prefer your soup to be fresh or re-heated?

Well I don’t like my soup re-heated, even if until yesterday – or I should better say just a few hours before sitting down to write this article – I considered Zara {yes my sandals are from them} or to be strictly more accurate Mr. Ortega, the Prometheus of Fashion {more or less}:

The one who took away the secrets to the gods the French stylists, Italian, American to sell them to human, human to prices

Doing it, we are neither following any diktat, nor acquiring a style and we’re not even living in step with the times and trends according to our economic possibilities. We are just entering a perverse game created by others.

Not at all. Zara is not a way of dressing, but a way of selling.

Zara is like Paganini, it does not repeat. Everything changes.

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Why you should not buy just Zara? Because it is not the answer if you want to be on fashion

€ 19.90, € 29.90, € 39.90, and so on. These are the majority of Zara prices and the essence of its policy. Affordable, but not crazily cheap. Trendy, but certainly not fashionable in the sense of pioneering and discovery.

Some people say they just buy basics from Zara, while others try the pyjamas that don’t have the courage to take from Stella McCartney; many customers go for the leopard coat {cheap & fake} and a few take the Céline dress, that can always be useful. And then there are those who go crazy for a pair of cardboard sandals covered in faux suede with tassels and laces, strings that in my opinion are a total nonsense.

Zara is a bit like “an authorised Chinese sweatshop“. It does not have designers because it ‘copies’ from the runways. It is a silent consent to accepting the pleated skirt or the gold and green lace shirt {Gucci?} without saying anything.

So the million dollar question is why do we decide to let a man who certainly had a brilliant idea, but who doesn’t know a lot about fashion, to be our guru? Let’s try to reflect a moment.

Basically I believe that Zara is a matter of laziness {mine for sure}, a numbness of the senses.

With the excuse of “I saw it on the catwalk, but it costs much less in Zara” our wadrobe swells in inverse proportion to our wallet by adding piece of clothing which speaks a language {often synthetic or acrylic even if they begin touse natural fibres} that will last for the duration of a season,or worse-case scenario  just a click on instagram.

But hold on..we’re Italians..the country where style is much more than fashion and trend!  Isn’t this Zara approach all too much??

If tomorrow somebody would look in our wardrobes searching for items and accessories that celebrate our time in history, what would he find? Forget the little treasures that our grandmothers or mothers have preserved and prepare ourselves for an expanse of textiles and fabrics that give a picture of ourselves in 2016 – superficial and consumerist.

How, in the space of one day, did we get to fete a Spanish man, who is not named Balenciaga or Paco Rabanne, as the patron of fashion?

Perché non dovresti più comprare solo da zara

Back from the fashion week mont, I can not avoid questioning me about why you should not buy just Zara

But if our goal is to have a more personal and unique style and identity, isn’t it better to be armed with scissors and a little of ‘inventive’ to create a crop top  from a previous year collection? To turn jeans into something more unique by adding feathers or amusing ourselves with a mad patchmania? And if we do not have enough time?

Go to a vintage shop looking for a single piece you can give a second life to – even better if you find it at the bottom of a wardrobe or chest-of-drawers or in the attic.
2. And if do we prefer to buy new clothes? Do you know how many mid-level brands {almost} like Zara exist in Italy? Do you truly believe they do research in materials, trends and patterns, thus preventing you wearing the same floral print of the rest of the globe?!?

I bought this jumpsuit in a friend of mine’s store and I must say it has opened my eyes especially for the way I felt when I wore it, a feeling that is very far from the one I feel in a fast – food joint {where instead of food there is fashion}.

Perché non dovresti più comprare da zara

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fashion editorial with jucca jumsuit  jucca striped jumpsuit

Perché non dovresti più comprare solo da zara     ilovegreeninspiration-fashionmagazine-marinellarauso-fashioneditorial-70's-jucca-02

Perché non dovresti più comprare da zara

fashion editorial con jucca made in italy

Photo by Elisa Rinaldi Fotografa