only few drops of Chanel N°5

October 13, 2012

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRQa33dqyxI?rel=0&w=560&h=315]

The perfume of peonies. Of roses. Of mimosas. Of violets. Of jasmine. The sandalwood. The orange flowers. And the essential oil of Neroli. An iconic number, ‘5‘. 80 essences wrapped almost a century ago, FOR THE FIRST TIME, in a laboratory bottle. Austere, bare, minimal. From 1921 to 2012, the testimony that the style remains, where the fashions fade away.

Il profumo delle peonie. Delle rose. Delle mimose. Delle violette. Del gelsomino. Il legno di sandalo. I fiori d’arancio. E gli olio essenziali di Neroli. Un numero iconico, il ‘5‘. 80 essenze racchiuse quasi un secolo fa, PER LA PRIMA VOLTA, in un flacone di laboratorio. Austero, nudo, minimale. Dal 1921 al 2012 la testimonianza che lo stile resta, lì dove le mode svaniscono.

“Un profumo da donna che sappia di donna”

“A woman should wear parfum wherever she would like to be kissed”. La donna dovrebbe indossarlo ovunque voglia essere baciata”.

“Her scent is important as her dress”. “La sua essenza deve essere all’altezza del suo vestito”.

“N°5 resists the whims of fashion and the passage of time”_“N°5 resiste ai capricci della moda e al passaggio del tempo”

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21 Responses to “only few drops of Chanel N°5”

  1. sten8 says:

    anche io avrei accettato di rappresentarlo!

  2. Dip It Black says:

    Beautiful post! I love the perfume and
    love the spots Coco Chanel told us to wear it.
    The spots were men can smell it the best.


  3. Love this post! Very vintage*

  4. Juju says:

    non è solo un profumo, ma una storia!

  5. This is so great! Love to hear the story. Thanks!

    xo Sophie Louise

  6. I love channel no 5! A true classic. As is your blog. Love the pics, and the multiplicity of languages! Bellisimo!! Great style too!

    • When I receive a comment like yours I would like to cut it – mmm probably take a pic of it- and put in a frame…just to read it again and again when I have some doubts. Thank you so much. I appreciate!

  7. janinevasta says:

    I think this might be my favourite post of yours so far Mari. It’s so…feminine and has a timelessness in the style and message too. Grazie!!!!! x

  8. You know something, i hardly wear fragrance but when I do, i go for non-flowery types. My favorite ever since I was 16 is still the same one – Fahrenheit by Christian Dior. 🙂

    • I know the parfum, but I don’t have in my mind the smell. I really love N°5. My mother used it when I was 15 and I’ve started loving non only the scent, but the bottle, the name and all the symbolic meaning it was behind Coco Chanel. Ok, Ok…I guess It’s late…I’m started dreaming…It’s better I go to sleep. xxx

  9. gold account says:

    i used to hate this perfume because of this craziness of women who are rushing to buy it and they think that if they wear no.5 it will make them sexy and classy, NO IT DOESN’T STOOOOOP! to me this is a clean scent and that’s why i love it it has soap and powder smell what else not to like! imagine a pretty lady who lives in a vintage style house she just took a bath and then she sprayed no.5 and wore her beautiful silk night gown and the jazz music is playing… she is waiting for the perfect man but ops he doesn’t exist! she imagine him and after that she falls asleep in her lovely bed alone, no wait she wasn’t alone no.5 was there…. such a beautiful, sad fragrance.

    • Your interpretation of this extra famous “number” is so personal and original. I loved to read the story you wrote. Probably you are in some way, right. But this is simply another interpretation…Don’t you think this makes this parfum, much more than a scent?!? A way to communicate clichés, a way to distort them, a way to deal with them! Hope to read from you! xxx

  10. shiroknowes says:

    Mi piace questo articolo, sei stata molto creativa soprattutto nella cartina geografica poi nr° 5 è anche il profumo preferito di mia mamma !

  11. eiffets says:

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