The “Luxe Linguistic” trend: chill, music or ….I’m serious!

September 21, 2012

Where is my mind? A blog post or a status on facebook?? It depends on time or inspiration. A tweet on twitter?? Unknowingly, I hope to get unnoticed … unless the right “#” it is difficult to be discovered. A few well-chosen words at a time writing the diary of our days via social networks…some good pictures with an etched filter making our “daily moodboard” via Instagram. At the end, the “Luxe linguistic” trend (Harper’s Bazaar definition) has blown up. A new revolution in street style!? More than that, perhaps, the result of a way of communicating. Last London Fashion Week hot designers, the youngest and coolest – Acne, Markus Lupfer, Ashish- brought it on the runway. “A picture is worth 1000 words”!? Once …today we like to write slogans, so why don’t we wear them?!?…I ♡ it….What’s on your mind?

Dov’è la mia testa? Un post sul blog o uno status su facebook???? Dipende dal tempo o dall’ispirazione. Un tweet su twitter??? Inconsapevolmente  spero di passare inosservata…a meno del giusto “#” è difficile farsi scoprire. Poche parole ben scelte alla volta che scrivono il diario delle nostre giornate attraverso i social network…qualche foto dall’effetto acidato che compone il  moodboard quotidiano attraverso Instagram. Alla fine il trend della “linguistica di lusso” (definizione di Harper Bazaar) è scoppiato. Una nuova rivoluzione nello street style?!? Più che altro, forse, la conseguenza di un modo di comunicare. All’ultima London Fashion Week, gli stilisti più giovani e cool – Acne, Markus Lupfer, Ashish -lo hanno portato sulle passerelle. “Un’immagine vale più di 1000 parole”?!? Una volta…oggi ci piace scrivere per slogan e allora, perché non indossarli?!? I ♡ questo trend...Cosa c’è nella vostra testa?

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19 Responses to “The “Luxe Linguistic” trend: chill, music or ….I’m serious!”

  1. Hi girlfriend!! stalking you here as well as on twitter 😉

  2. LOL~ I wld never be caught seen in clothes with words. 😉

    • :-D. Neither if it is the “ilovegreeninspiration” t-shirt compbined with a wonderful jewels of yours??? ♡♡♡

      • Not if I am the one who designed your t-shirt, hahaha 😉
        But still, I won’t wear it – i don’t even wear our jewelry anymore, except for the classic rings. I let our JR Girls do the ‘show and tell’, they are the best to show everyone 😀

  3. WHS Admin says:

    I like it! Your blog is beautiful, i love green inspiration. <3 Lots of love, Dominique.

  4. Juju says:

    che carino questo post!
    mi piacerebbe una maglia con scritto “I love juju”:)

  5. didididu85 says:

    So cool! Yesterday i attended at the event in Milan “So critical So fashion!” i will post an article & some interesting pic about the beautiful dress & accessories made in a green and environmentally friendly way 😉 Follow me

  6. Jeni Johnson says:

    Good work on the photoshopping!!!! You should make your own real t-shirt!

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