3 ways to wear a wrap bracelet

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3 ways to wear a wrap bracelet. Trust me, the wrap bracelet is a summer thing. A strip of cloth that becomes an emotional reminder; a colored piece of leather perfect to give a boost of joy or a piece of paper thread as a dream catcher. Wear it at night and then lose it after the first bath into the sea. Who among us does not have a bracelet like this in a box somewhere, or can’t stop buying new ones?

3 ways to wear a wrap bracelet, transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary

It may seem trivial. As the ice cream cone or iced wine at sunset. Granted as the sun salutation in a Balearic beach. Sweet as roasted marshmallows on a California one. But can you think about summer without it? I would say no!

So why don’t you wear them in an iconic way, turning them into the main dish?!?

Almost like a tattoo. A tattoo can be a difficult thing. You can get tired of it when it changes your mood or your age. So, if the goal is to decorate the body, then do it with simplicity. Get many colorful bracelets and wear them without thinking too much. Transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

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Like a multilayered chocker. Tye one, two or three together and then wrap them around your neck. It does not need much else, a white dress, a pair of sunglasses and energy that will make you remember forever the moment you are living.


As an anklet. You can wear it with many kinds of shoes, but most of all put it when you’re barefoot. Maybe on a beach while you have left everything else far away, forgotten somewhere. Once again, no matter how you get it, but the goal is always the same. Trying to turn the ordinary into something extraordinary and never as a week before the official start of Summer, everything seems possible, and it is.

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