Fashion dolls: from reality to illustration


fashion illustration of famous people

Fashion dolls are illustrations that are inspired by reality and are filtered through the eyes of Bigham, the famous freelance illustrator and student of fashion design in Bangkok.

 From his instagram profile you can understand a lot about him. His dolls are young women with big eyes, long eyelashes and lots of mascara. They look naive and mischievous, dressed in a very stylish and eyecatching way.

Fashion dolls who wear the season’s trends

I’ve been drawing since I was 3 years old, but I started making art seriously only a couple of years ago“, Bingham says when I asked him to tell me how he got started. “The idea came out of the people around me and I wondered what they wanted to see in my art. So I decided to combine my personal interests: fashion, dolls and popstars. The basic concept of my work  is to ensure that the girls that I design are living characters“. Very often they are style icons which are turned into art form.

My girls love themselves. I want them to be a good example for the viewer in order to make other young women more self-confident and motivated. This is my goal.”

Bigham is not a fan of words, and this is the concise, but clear way in which he explains his art. For the rest I would say that his designs speak for themselves.


The drawing is already partly there – it’s in the paper. And the paper is talking before you do it“. – cit



 fashion illustration by bigham

Fashion Illustration inspired by catwalk

fashion isllustration by nigham

a doll for a fashion illustration