Rain gutters, choose it with care

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Rain gutters have a particular importance when we talk about a house’s exterior. A good piece of Architecture is the best synthesys of many elements.

When we think about a facade, a courtyard or a garden we should always remember that every part plays a significant role in keeping a home functional and aesthetically pleasing. If it’s true that “less is more” – Mies Van der Rohe – we can’t forget that every house should be equipped with good rain gutters in order to prevent water from coming down in front of your doorstep and even possibly flooding the residence.

Although not all houses require a rain gutter, it would not hurt to install one for convenience, safety and to add a piece of functional design that will help the unique mood of your special place.  The installation of rain gutters, when combined with an excellent external drainage system and a good maintanence, can even save you money in the long run.

If you are bored about too specific technical issue, you can turn it into a design affaire. There are various rain gutters to choose from depending on size, type, build material and overall quality.

According on the structure and weather conditions you have to work with, choosing the right one.

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Rain gutters is not only a matter of profiles

In terms of size, there are several variants to choose from. While in terms of profiles, the standard ones come in two types – the “U” and the “K” profiles. You maybe won’t be able to choose the right one yourself, but you can have an idea looking at the photos below and consulting your guttering supplies store before choosing the right profiles as they can affect prices.

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Attachment is something you should consider talking about Rain gutters

Please don’t underestimate the way a rain gutter  is installed. It is usually attached on a house’s eaves, and generally uses straps, brackets, and hangers. Mounting a rain gutter is relatively simple and the most common way is to use what is called a hanger system. The hanger is usually hidden inside the gutter itself and screwed into the fascia or rafter.

An older and easier method to install a rain gutter is to use a spike and ferrule to attach the gutter. However over time, these spikes tend to pull out so it is perhaps better to apply a different method of attachment.

Lastly, a crossbar hanger is probably the strongest method of attachment as it clips to the front of the gutter and goes over the top of the gutter. It then completes its installation by clipping to the back side of the gutter, and securing itself to the bracket.

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Wood Gutters

Nowadays, wood gutters are extremely uncommon except for specially-fashioned homes. Wood gutters are heavy, expensive and require constant maintenance. If you plan on purchasing wood gutters, look for lumber dealers who often supply these gutters in 10 to 20 foot lengths as they tend to sell cheaper than most guttering supplies providers depending on the quality of the wood, prices may vary. Linseed oil should be applied yearly as maintenance to improve its water-resistant capabilities towards decay. It is also possible to paint wood gutters, however over time the paint will crack and fade, requiring the owner to repaint them.

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DIY Gutters

Do-it-yourself gutters are probably the best choice for most people on a budget. They provide excellent alternatives at affordable prices. DIY vinyl gutters make the most ideal choice as they are available in many plastic pipes stores and can be installed manually by the home owner without requiring any special tools. Most vinyl gutters are plug-and-play and relatively durable.

The only real disadvantage of vinyl gutters are the limited colour choice and susceptibility to cracks after several years of cold weather conditions. Alternately, there are also aluminium and galvanised steel gutters. Aluminium gutters can come in various colours but generally do not last as long as galvanised steel gutters. On the other hand, the galvanised steel gutters themselves are durable in the long run but are prone to rust, which will require the house owner to periodically repaint them over time.

If you choose these kind of rain gutters, you can have most of fun with the end part.

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Professionally Installed Gutters

Seamless gutters are perhaps the most popular type of gutters today. They are more expensive than DIY gutters but are professionally installed. A special machine is used to create these types of gutters. Seamless gutters are usually made from sheet aluminium and steel. Depending on your needs, these seamless gutters act similarly as DIY gutters however they tend to be of better quality and durability.

Finally, for expensive choice of gutters, you can’t go wrong with professional copper or stainless steel gutters as they will last a very long time and do not rust over time.

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