#22 inspirations. Just a small part of the Universe!

October 19, 2012

    Each image is an inspiration. A dream. A wish. One aspect of our way of being. Something that we will probably never do. A thought is associated to each one. A reflection. Or simply a suggestion.

Ognuna di queste immagini rappresenta un’ispirazione. Un sogno. Un desiderio. Un aspetto del nostro modo di essere. Qualcosa che non avremo mai il coraggio di fare. Ad ognuna è associato un pensiero. Una riflessione. O solo una suggestione.

#1 Skating with the most unsuitable and sexy clothes \ Pattinare con il più inadatto e sexy dei vestiti

#2. To dye the hair a turquoise blue \ Tingere i capelli di un azzurro turchino

#3. A portrait like a work of art \  Un ritratto come opera d’arte

#4.  Put your head underwater in the bathtub \ Mettere la testa sott’acqua nella vasca da bagno

#5. Take a bath with flowers \ Fare un bagno con i fiori

#6. Feeling lonely sometimes is normal \ Sentirsi soli a volte è normale

#7. Our second skin – the black leather jacket \ la nostra seconda pelle  – il giubbino di pelle nere#8.  To wear a ball gown \ Indossare un abito da ballo

#9. Can’t stop watching our pointe \ Non poter smettere di guardare le nostre punte

#10.  Fill the bathroom with plants \ Riempire il bagno di piante

#11.  And the corridor of lights \ E il corridoio di luci

#12. Walking on a carpet of leaves \ Camminare su un tappeto di foglie

#13. Or on a daises one \ O su uno di margherite

#14. Watch the birds that migrate \ Guardare gli uccelli che migrano

#15. To find a magic lamp \ Trovare una lampada magica

#16.  Jump into the void \ Buttarsi nel vuoto

#17. Reading your hand \ Farsi leggere la mano

#18. Leave for somewhere \ Partire per chissà dove

#19. To eat healthy food \ Mangiare sano

#20.  the IT BAG \  la borsa del momento_VALENTINO



#21. The last Dolce & Gabbana collection \ L’ultima collezione di Dolce & Gabbana


#22. To dream with open eyes \ sognare a occhi aperti
Most images for this post are taken from http://prazninaumojojglavi.tumblr.com/

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21 Responses to “#22 inspirations. Just a small part of the Universe!”

  1. Love all these inspirational pictures! Especially the Valentino bag!

  2. stacy says:

    Love the inspiration! Amazing photography!

  3. Dip It Black says:

    Beautiful inspiration!
    Love the second picture wih the turqoise hair so much!
    And love the Valentino bag!


  4. What a great wish list! I love the Louis stockings and corridor of lights. They’re on my wish list now, too!

  5. thelookes says:

    amazing pictures, so inspiring! thanks for that!


  6. CM says:

    Awesome post! Your inspiration has sparked one for myself for 2013, thank you. 😉

    • I still have to find my inspirations for the next year coming…but I usually prefer to live the moment. Baci bellezza

      • CM says:

        very true & I agree but by my living the moment, I do get inspired for the year to come. thank you for your response. 🙂

      • It’s definitely the best strategy! Thank to you! I always answer my comments this time a bit late ;(! It’s such a pleasure you use your time to comment! xxx

      • CM says:

        Your most welcome!

        I too, do my best to show my appreciation by replying to those who have taken the time to visit & read my posts. Besides I think readers appreciate it more when they receive a response from the administrator of a blog or website directly.

        Enjoy your Sunday 🙂

  7. What a wonderful post! I love these pictures and I really enjoy your blog! I’m your newest follower:)

    I hope you’ll check out my blog and follow back if you like, I’d love to hear what you think!

    Can’t wait to see more posts:)
    –The Urban Lioness

  8. I enjoyed this post very much especialy the girls jumping from the windows! Thank you for sharing

  9. LOVE that Valentino bag!

  10. Great photos! i love the black ball dress!!! truly amazing.. <3

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