2800 km_the last Spanish city: Alicante

August 15, 2012

Travelling from Alicante to Montpellier was a very long trip. More then 800 km. That was the last Spanish city that I visited and it disappointed me a bit. Full of people, very hot and humid with crowded restaurants everywhere. Probably it was too late or I just was a little tired. In anycase I’ll show you few pics of some spots of the city that caught my attention. The harbour was quite impressive with all the boats and a cool statue of a surfer walking on the water. What do you think about that? Probably it’s not so bad :-P!!! no?!?!?

Il viaggio da Alicante a Montpellier è stato un viaggio decisamente lungo. Più di 800 km. Questo è stata l’ultima città spagnola che ho visitato e che mi ha deluso un pò. Piena di gente, molto calda e umida con ristoranti affollati dappertutto. Probabilmente era troppo tardi o forse ero io un pò stanca e mal disposta. In ogni caso vi mostrerò alcune foto di alcuni punti della città che hanno decisamente attirato la mia attenzione. Il porto è una parte piuttosto impressionante con tutte le barche, un veliero e una statua di bronzo di un surfista che cammina sulle acque. Cosa ne pensate voi? Probabilmente non è poi così male :-P! no?!?!?!?

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28 Responses to “2800 km_the last Spanish city: Alicante”

  1. mbneve says:

    Dalle foto assomiglia a Genova che mi fa lo stesso effetto – affollata, calda, umida e mi soffoca. Certi posti sono belli solo se di passaggio 😉

    • sì infatti hai perfettamente ragione! non sono mai stata a genova, ma mi sembra che hai capito perfettamente il genere…mi sembrava di impazzire 😛

      • mbneve says:

        Sto diventando molto brava a interpretare le foto 😀 Non so molto di fotografia ma le tue foto sono sempre molto belle e piacevoli da guardare.

  2. It’s a long time since I was in Alicante. The Marina and Promenade look nice. The high-rises, not so much! We once drove from The Algarve in Portugal to Montpellier (for a camping holiday, never again!) it was back-breaking work for my husband. Hope you enjoyed your trip anyway…

    • Yes I had fun, but sometimes it was a bit too much. Every night in a different place. I travelled from Roma to Conil – close to Cadiz- for a surf camp. We are crazy :-P! I’m happy to hear we are not the only one 🙂

      • How was the surf camp? I love Trafalgar and Cadiz. My kids were too young to surf last time we went but now are teenagers. Did you camp on the beach? We did last time further down the coast, what an experience! Cath

      • it was great! a lot of fun. perfect waves to learn. great temperature and friends. with the school we rent a flat very cheap and cozy with a big terrace ten minutes from the beach. The course was in the morning and they gave us everything: board and lycra and suit….your guys would enjoy it a lot. the name of my school is Trafalgar ;-P

  3. Janine says:

    Ciao bella! Mi piace moltissimo la tua franchezza. A volte bisogna dire le cose come sono. Poi viaggiare d’estate richiede un sacco di pazienza. Bentornata in Italia! xx

  4. GnTstyle says:

    Foto eccezionali!

    Un caro saluto
    Consultant Style Advisor

  5. Laura says:

    Hi there, been to Alicante a couple of times (I’m Spanish).
    The problem is being there in August (for the crowded bit and the hot and humid). It is a bit like too touristy built, but if you go in sept it gets better.


  6. evi mili says:

    beautiful photos!
    i love the colour of your t shirt!

  7. Brad Stanton says:

    Hi, I nominated you for the Traffic Raiser Award. http://wp.me/2rHBL
    I like your blog a lot, so I nominated you and some others. Click on the link to see what it is all about. Have a great day………….

  8. AJ's Mom says:

    Just beautiful. I wish I can visit Spain again. I’ve only been in Madrid, Sevilla and Toledo, but I fell inlove completely with these places. The mountains in Sevilla covered in white snow, was something to behold. It was a lovely trip. Thanks for sharing Mari. <3

    • Ciao bella! I guess you live very far from Europe, so you are lucky you’ve visited so many cities…I hope you can come back soon…Italy, for example, deserves to be visited 🙂

  9. I loved Alicante when I went a couple yrs ago, but I’ve never been to Montpellier!!! I wish to explore la Comunidad Valenciana again… it’s enchanting! http://thetravelbugandlifelessons.blogspot.com/

  10. I loved Alicante when I went a couple yrs ago I’d love to return and explore more of la Comunitat Valenciana… it’s enchanting! Did you visit anywhere else in the area? I used to live in Valencia city but I only visited Xativa, Sagunto and Alicante, I wish I’d visited more of the area especially in Alicante province…

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