Just wear on your skin what is good for you. Like safe natural cosmetics

I do not wear any piece of clothing I’m not extremely convinced of. It is almost a belief that leads me not to fall into wrong temptations. So, It’s impossibile I put something on my skin that does not give me extreme reliability.

A cream, an oil or a whey, first of all, must be pampering. Make us feel good. This is why no risk has to be taken.

Cosmetics are our safe place. The one where we take refuge every night before going to sleep. And we hide each morning just waking up.

Safe natural cosmetics. Remedies that come from the sea

Not all bio is safe. Not everything that is labeled with natural is really good. The green industry is constantly evolving.

We need to choose properly, then.

As when you find out what marine phytocosmism is. The idea that there are cosmetics whose ingredients completely come from the sea, makes me feel good. If the sea then is the Egadi Islands’s uncontaminated and pure, is even better.

Cosmetica naturale sicura, maressentia posidonia oceanica, Olio Notte Antietà, cosmesi fitomarina mediterranea

Maressentia’s antiage night oil   is a product of safe natural cosmetics

All the heat you need in winter, on one hand. The freshness, typical of summer, on the other. A light and incredibly moisturizing oil. It acts  during night. No noise. It does not bake and can also be used under the moisturizer.

I use it on naked skin after cleaning it. Just like my favorite sweater.