Tiaras and jewelry hairbands 2017. Leave flowers at home

Tiaras jewelry hairbands 2017: from movies of the past to Walt Disney cartoons through the runways. Perspectives and combinations are chqnging, but the ideas keep coming back with different meanings. Not necessarily a tiara mean romance. Just think about the rock meaning left by Courtney Love in the 90’s. As well as a headband doesn’t always mean rock, especially if reinterpreted as a diva from the 60’s with voluminous hair.

tiare gioiello dalle passerelle

Tiaras  jewelry hairbands 2017: this is how designers mean them

From Saint Laurent to Miu Miu tiaras were purged from their originally meaning “as a princess”, used to boost earnest and compound looks. Combined with grunge lipsticks and flow with ease, become the accessory able to transform a day look in an evening one. Just as  Dolce & Gabbana duo teaches us proposing gold, rich and full detailed ones.

It is easier, but not that much, wearing a headband. Made of satin or velvet. You can use it to stop your hair and discover the face, leaving all the attention on your eyes. Enhance it  with a cat eye and a no makeup, makeup. Dior shows this  for its Miss D., Valentino turns them into crowns, while Chanel sees fabric with jewelry applications.

Here are tiarasTiaras jewelry hairbands 2017 jewelry hairbands 2017 you can take inspiration from

Almost always used with soft and tied hair, tiaras but above all headbands, are combined with maxi clips. These are the queens of a bonton and sophisticated look.

  • Chanel. Fabric used with hairstyles reminiscent of Brigitte Bardot and the 50’s. Often served with golden clasps for a more glamorous connotation.
  • Valentino. Girls a little nymphs and a little priestesses who wear jewelry ones with stones and small sculptures.

fasce gioiello per capelli valentino

  •  Dolce & Gabbana. Laden with baroque details and abundant decorations. They choose them very decorated. In gold with stones, flowers and rich of Barouque details.

fasce e tiare dorate dolce&gabbana

  • Fendi. Leather options. Minimal and sophisticated, the perfect finishing for a style ready to wear.

fasce in pelle capelli fendi

accessori capelli 2017 hair crown and jewelry headbands