Focus on eyebrows, the shape enhances your look

Focus on the eyebrows. Lines that change our look. They frame the face and define our expression. The first thing to do is to study the shape that best fits you. Don’t exaggerate  thinning them because the regrowth is very very slow. Not only. The trendiest eyebrows are bushy. So don’t worry if you can not define the line that you would like, you can draw them.

Focus on eyebrows, let you be inspired

Among the most famous eyebrows there are the Cara Delavigne’s ones. Thick and almost uncultivated. They have been copied by everyone. Someone draws them, other have them tattooed forever. Still others use embroideries. This is the case of Chanel and the makeup artist Peter Philips for the 2012 catwalk. Multicolor stripes embellished with sequins and little gems that create a more precious look.


Find the perfect arch for you and turn the focus on the eyebrows

Thickness and archness is what you should work on to give intensity. Some people make it a problem of geometry. Three half-lines. The first from the nostril – it marks the beginning. The second at the end of the pupil – indicates the highest point. The third is the external junction of the eyelids – which marks the fine. If in the past the eyebrows were very thin, now we try to have a look as natural as possible. ilovegreeninspiration-sopracciglia-7  ilovegreeninspiration-sopracciglia-4 ilovegreeninspiration-sopracciglia-3 ilovegreeninspiration-sopracciglia-2

With Benefit the focus on eyebrows is super simple

They took me from San Francisco, home of the brand Benefit their super natural eyebrows kit.

Inside, two masks:

  • arched eyebrows
  • streight eyebrows

The first step is to place the transparent mask to better define the shape with the special pencil. After drawing the shape, fill them.

Second step is comb them with the special brush. Then use the bright pencil to lift the eye and brighten the eye. Remember to blend well.

Last step fix everything with transparent gel. Here are perfect eyebrows all day.

ilovegreeninspiration-sopracciglia-benefit2 ilovegreeninspiration-sopracciglia-benefit1 ilovegreeninspiration-sopracciglia-benefit