Have you ever thought to be Marie Antoinette, the Queen of France?!?

 Impertinent, frivolous and immature. Provocative and bold, but with timidity and indecision. Without make-up, haggard and disheveled. More often perfect, orderly, strategic prepared. This Mariantonietta, sweet and honest sometimes, a bit sulky and often cheeky, could be me, she could be you!

Casually watching TV after midnight, zapping without thinking until I was literally caught and bowled by this film. The costumes were stunning and the atmosphere was, at the same time, bon ton and noir. Captured by an eighteen-year old girl – lived more than two and a half centuries ago – who seems one of us. I was attached to the screen until the last minute. Only at the end I found out that the director is Sofia Coppola. In 2006 she reviewed in a pop way a piece of history I studied at School. At Versailles’s together with the richest and sparkling clothes of the period,  a pair of light blue Converse appear down the bed. Together with the Royal Protocol coexist an insecurity, betrayal and bucolic atmosphere. Pastel colors and sweet reminiscent of the 2012 Louis Vuitton Spring \ Summer.

The vision is highly recommended only for those who want to get lost and immerse themselves into the fairy atmosphere of the France of the late eighteenth century. Contraindication: to wake up in your usual city, in your everyday house and especially with your everyday wardrobe!

Impertinente, frivola e immatura. Provocatoria e spavalda, ma con timidezza e indecisione. Struccata, sfatta e scompigliata. Il più delle volte perfetta, ordinata, “stra” preparata. Questa Mariantonietta, un pò dolce e un pò sincera, un pò imbronciata e spesso sfacciata potrebbe essere me, potrebbe essere voi!

Guardavo la tv distrattamente fino a quando questo film mi ha letteralmente catturata e ammaliata. Dai lussuosi e ricercati costumi a tema rivisitati, alle atmosfere allo stesso tempo bon ton e noir. Rapita da una ragazza neanche diciottenne (Kirsten Dunst)  di due secoli e mezzo fa che diventa una di noi. Attaccata allo schermo fino all’ultimo minuto. Solo alla fine scopro che la regista è Sofia Coppola. E che nel 2006 rivisita in chiave pop un pezzo di storia studiata sui banchi di scuola.  A Versailles insieme agli abiti sfarzosi e sfavillanti dell’epoca compaiono un paio di Converse azzurre. Accanto alle regole del protocollo reale si susseguono insicurezze, tradimenti e atmosfere bucoliche. Colori pastello e invitanti dolci ricordano la Primavera \ Estate di Luois Vuitton 2012.

La visione è altamente consigliata solo a chi vuole perdersi, immergersi e catapultarsi in una fiabesca Francia di fine Ottocento. Controindicazione: svegliarsi nella città di sempre, nella casa di sempre e soprattutto con l’armadio di sempre

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34 Responses to “Have you ever thought to be Marie Antoinette, the Queen of France?!?”

  1. Bricolage says:

    Totalmente diverso dalle altre sue regie! :D

  2. Dip It Black says:

    Love that movie and wouldn’t mind to dress up
    like Marie Antoinette too haha.


  3. Snow says:

    I loved this film! All the fun and culture at the time. The colours, fabrics, clothes, shoes and accessories are a dream for me. Would love to dress up as her someday. xoox

    • It seems like everybody knows this film! Why didn’t tell me about it before??? :D

      • Snow says:

        Hahaha I watched it ages ago. I’ve always been fascinated with that era with all the clothes and designs. It goes hand in hand with my love of the Victorian era with their dresses. I’ve been doing some film reviews on my other blog. Still not a lot but if you check in every now and then you might find some interesting movies you might like. :D

  4. Distinct says:

    Hi darling!
    First of all, thanks for your sweet message on IFB! I am going to follow you!
    I really like you post, the colours are amazing!
    Here are my links:
    facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Distinct/305061589519807
    website: http://www.distinctbyandrea.blogspot.com
    twitter: @distinctAndrea

    Have a nice day, beauty! :)

  5. Chermaine says:

    I definitely wouldn’t mind dressing up like her one day!

  6. FOR SURE!
    I simply love her!!! the movie is amazing, and the soundtrack too!!


  7. federica di vincenzo says:

    E’ uno dei miei film preferiti… adoro alcune scene, in particolare: il ballo in maschera e il rientro a palazzo all’ alba… o quella che descrive gli sprechi di corte tra moda sesso e cibo (con mitico fotogramma delle converse)
    La colonna sonora poi fa l’ assoluta differenza. La versione dei Bow Wow Wow di Fools Rush In è meravigliosa… il testo
    ” ….fools rush in
    where wise men never go
    but wise men never fall in love
    so how are they to know
    when we met
    i felt my life begin

    so open up your heart and let
    this fool rush in ”

    non è romanticissimo???!

    • oh wow fede…volevo prendermi tutto il tempo di commentare quello che hai scritto qui. mi hai emozionato. Non sapevo fosse uno dei tuoi film preferiti! :*
      PS. sempre più cose in comune!

  8. missgiven says:

    I love the one with her hair standing straight up.

  9. Great content!

    – Fashion Ramble

  10. nini says:

    Its a beautiful post!

  11. OMG!! I actuall never heard of the film till now :O so don’t worry you were not the only one. OoOOoo I just want to watch it for all those delicious cakes :D dunno how they stayed sooooo skinny ahhaha lol

    • You would love it! Did you see how many ad fashion campaign where focused on cakes last Spring/summer?!? It would be great a cooperation with your great ability. I would like to try to be the stylist on a bakery set hahahh! Mmmm I guess they stay skinny because they just don’t eat them hahah

  12. I ever watched that movie.. i really love the dress.. all dress exactly.. Love your post blog <333

  13. stylentonic says:

    So nice movie and fantastic soundtrack! Sofia Coppola is really unique!

  14. I love this film x) it’s so funny!!

  15. tribalfaerie says:

    One day I want to be Marie Antoinette for Halloween. Love every costume in this film. And the makeup is stunning. <3

  16. The colors and variety are irrisitable. I could do without the hair. Besides that, I’d love her wardrobe.

  17. i watched that movie n i really liked it! amazing dresses n colors :)

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