Fashion victim #1

October 15, 2012

 It’s 3 a.m. We spent the night in a cafe near home. A Thai recipe. An orange and carrot juice. A chat with a gal…Then a weird character. For his face. For his clothing. For his words…The heart was pounding. We dissolved into the night. We finally closed the door!

Sono le 3 di notte. Dopo una serata in un caffè vicino casa. Una ricetta tailandese. Una centrifuga di arancia e carota. Quattro chiacchiere con una amica…Poi un personaggio strano. Nella faccia. Nell’abbigliamento. Nelle parole. Il cuore batteva forte. Ci siamo dissolte nella notte. Alla fine abbiamo chiuso il portone!

Then, everything began. A female character. Or probably two? A pair of shoes. Black. Patent leather. Heel 15 cm. Silvered.

Where are we? Who is up there? And how is she dressed? She is wearing heels only. But when did she put them on? And why? Are they too comfortable to be removed? Or too uncomfortable, she has just fainted?

A quel punto. Tutto è iniziato. Una protagonista. O forse due? Un paio di scarpe. Nere. Di vernice. Tacco 15 cm. Argentato.

Dove siamo? Chi è lì sopra? E come è vestita?  Perché indossa solo quei tacchi?  Quando li ha messi? E Perché? Sono troppo comodi per essere rimossi? O troppo scomodi ed è svenuta?

These questions have exact answers. But the photos may suggest different ones. Which are yours? Help us to reconstruct the story until thursday (3p.m. Roma; 2p.m. Londra; 9 a.m. NY). to be continued…Another photo and another story to be invented on www.misseychelles.wordpress.com

Queste domande hanno già delle soluzioni. Ma le foto potrebbero suggerirne delle altre.  Quali sono le vostre? Aiutateci a ricostruire la storia fino a Giovedi (3p.m. Roma; 2p.m. Londra; 9 a.m. NY). 

da continuare…un’altra foto e un’altra storia da inventare su www.misseychelles.wordpress.com

EDITING: modeling + styling + photography & interior design by MARILOVESGR33N (ilovegreeninspiration), NATVAN (misseychelles)

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27 Responses to “Fashion victim #1”

  1. Juju says:

    mi piace un sacco la location… sono curiosa di sapere come andrà a finire 🙂
    buona settimana!!

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  3. oh my! I think I need more creativity to continue this story, that sounds great 😀


  4. KristySamone says:

    LOVE Black. Patent leather. Heel 15 cm. Silvered.

    LOVE…the white couch.

    LOVE…THIS POST! – kristysamone.com

    • marilovesgr33n says:

      Ei bellezza and my friend!
      LOVE the idea you love the all styling! It was a crazy night :-)…the ending on Thursday! muah

  5. Great post!!! I think her shoes are just too damn sexy to take off 😉 haha

  6. Snow says:

    Love this post and love love love love the shoes! Did I put enough love out for those shoes? xoxo

  7. Kelly says:

    This is such a great photo!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  8. cinnaspring says:

    Great picture and ooooh I’d love to know what happened!!

  9. stylentonic says:

    super photo! love the story!

  10. Ilaria says:

    post strepitoso!
    sono molto curiosa di veder come andà a finire 🙂


  11. Love black and patent leather!!

  12. Qualcuno ha fatto rispondere alla tua domanda o completare la storia? Ei, mi dispiace per spagliarmi molti. Italiano non e la mia lingua originale. Penso che questa donna del mistero che indossa le scarpe argentato con tacchi alti non e umana. No, deve essere un manichino per vestiti. Sembra che il succo d’arancia and il succo di carota era stati mescolati una farmaco forte e…

    Have to switch to English…The thing is, the strong drug isn’t really a drug, it was just the mix of those weird Thai carrots, the blue ones, and the English oranges, the little ones that grow on trees sitting in bay windows in living rooms of semi-detached cottages on the outskirts of London. They are all over the place. Dunno if they are even oranges-oranges, if you know what I mean, but you had those, juiced and blue Thai carrots for heavens sake. No wonder when a girl/gal with a certain look to her comes over for a chat, you scarcely can tell the difference between human flesh and hardened plastic.

    And again, no wonder your heart was pounding and people looked weird. They were! You were juiced up on juiced carrots and oranges. Everyone was that night. They followed you home, you made that sort of impression, but by the time you got there, everyone had had it, and you all split up for the night. The manniquin in the glued-on shoes with the high silvered heels, chose to sleep in the shelf-like loft in your tiny apartment. She is up there still, snoring, dead to the world.

    Well, that’s about it. I enjoyed writing this, even if it is too late to suit your blogging purposes. Did anyone else ever follow your directions? Anyhow, I wanted also to thank you for stopping by Wagblog and liking my post. I will be back here as I want to practice my italian again!

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