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June 20, 2012

Yesterday I spent the whole day at the University for my PhD. Every time I go, the days are incredibly tiring and stressful. The next day – today- I feel usually like in a “limbo”. This happens probably because the place is very far away, then the research is a very challenging and complicated field and third because sometimes I feel a little bit like speaking a language totally alien to this Academic world. Apart from shutting my eyes to “SEE” where I’m going, I decided to make a list of beautiful things that I still have to do during this week. Here it is…And, what about you? Do you have already organized something beautiful? Tell me something that I’m curious …

Ieri sono stata tutto il giorno all’università per il mio dottorato. Ogni volta che vado le giornate sono super stancanti e stressanti. Il giorno successivo – oggi- mi sento tipo in un “limbo”. Questo succede intanto perché la sede è molto lontana, poi perché la ricerca è molto impegnativa e complicata, terzo perché a volte mi sembra di parlare una lingua completamente estranea a questo mondo accedemico. A parte chiudere gli occhi per “VEDERE” dove sto andando, ho deciso di fare una lista delle cose belle che mi restano da fare in questa settimana. Eccola! E voi avete qualcosa di bello già organizzato? Dai raccontate che sono curiosa…

0. Thinking in a “limbo” \ Riflettere in un “limbo”

1.  HELP. Federica is going to Barcelona and she will buy a beachwear for me from Blanco. Which one??? / Federica va a Barcellona, quale costume mi faccio comprare da Blanco?

2. HIP HOP class tonight at 8 p.m., did you know dance is my passion? / Lezione di HIP HOP stasera alle 20. Sapevate della mia passione per la danza? 

3. buy a t-shirt from asos. no more size for the best ones

4. Tomorrow aperitivo al Bar del Fico with another Federica / Domani aperitivo con un’altra Federica 

5. Beach party on friday night

6. Just beach_saturday

7. Swimming pool_sunday

mmm, It’s not so bad…I already feel better…probably it works. P.S. During the day I’ll study!

mmm, non è poi così male…mi sento già meglio…forse funziona. P.S. durante il giorno studierò! 

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24 Responses to “a list of good things to do”

  1. Ciao Marinella! Tell your friend to get you the green and white swimmingsuit from Blanco! It’s beautiful and bright and matches super well with your skin and your Ray Ban (the red and green ones!)… I want to see pictures of you wearing it soon!

  2. misscitychic says:

    you have such an amazing blog! i have a quick question. do you think it is worth buying a custom domain?! id love your opinion thank you! <3

    • ei thank you! I bought the custom domain because I think it was cooler to have just your name without “wordpress.com” and because it’s not so expensive. If you wish to work a lot on your blog, buy it :-P. Enjoy your night

  3. I love the third bikini best but they are all lovely 🙂

  4. chiclycute says:

    I know everyone seems to love the third one but I have some weird attraction to number 1 the blue and pink…I feel its girlie and flowery! and possibly also because I dont buy alot of stripes 🙂

    • ei! honestly the first one was my first choice…but they are convincing me for the third! uffff! My friend will b there on Friday! At the end I’ll ask her to chooce! Probably it simpler when you touch them :-P! thanks a lot

  5. thattallgirl2 says:

    I like the first bathing suit and the first shirt! Cool post:)


  6. Ei thank you for being often o my blog! I appreciate a lot and I really need your opinion! baci

  7. Suit 1 and shirt 3! Have fun 🙂

  8. Tiny Micia says:

    Just buy all of them 🙂 They are all too cute !!.xx

  9. Beachwear..umm the 1st or the 3rd (I think the 1st) 🙂
    The shirt..ermmm the 3rd one. It’s gorgeous 😉
    Beach party coming up eh? Do take dozens of pictures. Would wait for them to be uploaded here 😉

    • ei ciaoooo! Thank you very much! My doubt is between 1st and 3rd uff, great choice :-P. Sure I hope I can take a lot of pics to show you! How is your day???

      • I’ve been very busy! Just finished up with exams but teaching these days and working on an album 😉
        Bored pretty much. Can’t wait to go out at the beach!

        You have a great sense of choice too! 🙂

      • uff I’m a bit bored too. I should work for my PhD, but I have no concentration….what I really want is to do something big and great! not always going on in everyday stuff 🙂

      • PhD must be boring and tiring both, no?
        Even I want vacations-badly! But I have so many jobs right now. Need to be earning, can’t help it really :/

      • Uff, it’s so difficult, sometimes tiring other boring, few times challenging! If you have a chance to earn it’s good to use it…there is time to fly, no?!?!?

      • PhD is TOUGH after all!
        Well I’m earning and spending both, so no worries 😉
        Time is surely flying by like anything! True that

  10. shiroknowes says:

    Sono certo che ti sei divertito, mi piace tantissimo balare, guardi mai il programma ” if you think you can dance ” ?

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