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Trend alert Manebì espadrilles

Freedom, nature, sand, sea, carefree and holiday. French Riviera, Portofino and Capri. This is what I instinctively ...


A celebration of the city of Rome_rephotography

1969, Brigitte Bardot in Piazza del Popolo - l'originale  1954, Marcello Mastroianni e Sophia Loren ...


Miss pied de poule

Pied de Poule has dressed the bottle of fragrance "Miss Dior" at the end of the 40's; source of inspiration for the ...

Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo shows us her love for Nature

{ENGLISH}. Visiting the Frida Kahlo exhibition means looking at her, right into the eyes, from the very first moment ...


Fashion inspiration: milk to stay healthy

We are used to think that coffee is our best friend. The inseparable friend of us during long and tiring ...


Green inspiration #121_green tongue

  Finally it's Friday again! Let's play and speak ...


Green inspiration #120

  Green can really grow everywhere!!! °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° Il verde può ...

ilovegreeninspiration_paris_fashion_week_esme_vie_suite_22_a copy

Paris, Esme Vie & her idea of Fashion

IT. Il percorso che si fa entrando nel mondo di ESME VIE é un vero e proprio salto nel tempo.       " La bellezza ...


Sunday inspiration

Keep off your shoes and relax...It's Sunday...the day of


How to Transition your Wardrobe from Winter to Spring

Carrera sunglasses      The coming of spring is usually a relief for most fashion lovers. While in winter we ...