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{How to} decorate with white and light my place for Christmas

I hope my city is going to be lit and decorated tomorrow. The Christmas's tree of Piazza Venezia and the Colosseum ...


A Le Corbusier inspired place

  An exterior that seems and interior - or viceversa. A Le Corbusier inspired place with a retro and ...


I dream about a pocket garden made of pots

What if ... with eyes still asleep ... hair down ... a top and a short made of silk ... I think ... or of lace ...


What I took with me once back

 KENZO ...tell me what you like and I'll tell you who you are ... ❣❣❣ ...dimmi cosa ti piace e ti ...


Green inspiration #112_the house of my dream

There is a perfect harmony of colors and shapes in this image. The dense & lush vegetation is the ideal setting ...


vintage inspiration

the power of wallpapers ❣❣❣ il potere della carta da parati

a house and a garden everywhere

There's something incredibly fascinating. And something incredibly disturbing.  A mobile home movable on a bike. ...

light green armchair

8 Inspirational Interior Design quotes

“I dress homes the way I dress myself—layers and collages, bits of old things mixed with new, like a patchwork. ...

neon fonts

NEON FONTS: write your light

Neon Art - Seletti - America Typewriting font Writing with light, writing on the walls, writing as a form of ...


Poetry is what gets lost in translation, but not in this case

As if you find something you've never seen before. Come quando scopri qualcosa che non avevi mai visto prima. ...


There’s no place like home ❤

A refuge. A shelter to hide and burrow in a cool evening. Or in a sad one. The  place where you can invite friends ...


When you look beyond the common way of thinking

A different way to see the everyday things. An attitude to investigation and unconventional way of thinking that can ...