marinella rauso_ architect & writer

If I had to talk about myself, I would begin right after my graduation in Architecture. I didn’t come across this choice of course by accident…I was very determined to take it and to succeed at it… 36 exams in five years, using drawing as the only way to express myself.

Once my degree was completed, I realised that wearing sneakers and going to a building site was not enough. I’ve always loved walking on high heels. And I have also slowly realised that our cities and our lives do not need more concrete, but rather a thirst for “nature”.

It is in between my PhD in Landscape and Architecture, that I began to be inspired by the environment and all things green. In all of its forms. Printed clothes – as a never ending blooming garden – a natural location for fashion editorials – as one of the countless possible scenariosurban gardens from which I took the belief that cultivating the city, is the only form of possible regeneration.

When people say
Fashion and Architecture, well that’s always defined my whole world, so writing in a virtual space imagined to look like a huge garden, with a New York skyline as a backdrop, and a model wearing a Patrick Blanc vegetable dress seemed to me the only way to feel comfortable when my two favourite topics are brought together.

If I have to say only one thing, that I can not stop doing, it’s looking at everyday things from a different point of view. Colour or black and white, depending on the moment.

ILG is the inspiration behind beautiful things in life. When you learn to look beyond the obvious, you find that almost everything you like is inspired by nature – either it is a print, a shape or simply a way of life. Love for green is much more than a passion for one colour or for flowers, it is the idea, increasingly common, that ethics becomes aesthetic.

marinella rauso is 50% fashion + 50% architecture, but 100% Italian, although this is the English version of this site.

marinella rauso