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Green inspiration #157_something green

Green inspiration is to let nature grow spontaneously in an


Francesco Scognamiglio and his intriguing sweetness

Francesco Scognamiglio has the strength to carry on the catwalk his origin and his traditions. The craftsmanship and ...

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Green inspiration #152_the perfect hairstyle

A perfect hairstyle halfway between a fairy and a princess of enchanted woods.We should never forget that ...

happy summer 2015

Green inspiration #150_happy summer

Green inspiration is mid summer 2015 round. Wear something green inspired and have

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Green inspiration #149_fashion and architecture

Green inspiration is the balance between things. Sometimes we can feel it clearly, some other we should look for it ...

fashion engagement ring

Platinum diamond engagement ring: she’ll sing for that bling

Platinum diamond engagement ring is a timeless and classy object, you'll pass it from mother to daughter, year after ...

long dress for summer

Outftit to wear in August 2015

Outftit to wear in August 2015 is a mini guide with 24 proposals you won't say no, wherever you are or you are going ...

design rain gutters

Rain gutters, choose it with care

Rain gutters have a particular importance when we talk about a house’s exterior. A good piece of Architecture is ...

fashion girl lost in the wood

Green inspiration #148_lost in woods

Green inspiration is get lost in wood as a gateway for this very hot Summer 2015. Let all of the thoughts, ...

A chanel bouquet of flower

Green Inspiration #147_a Chanel bouquet of flowers

Green inspiration is a simple bouquet of flowers wrapped in a Chanel bag. Green inspiration is... There are no ...

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Green inspiration #146_on water

Green inspiration is that feeling of happiness and feeling good. You can feel it everywhere, but it is stronger when ...