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The benefits of choosing a bigger boutique dress shop

The benefits of choosing a bigger boutique dress shop

When it comes to shopping for a dress for a special occasion, it can indeed pay off to go to a bigger boutique dress ...


Rose and blue: colors of ever, colors of the year

Rose and blue. What are they but two colors that have always been part of our vocabulary \ imaginary? No matter ...


Raffaella Curiel for Altaroma invites us into her garden

Being a spectator at a Raffaella Curiel's fashion show means retracing a piece of Fashion history. The elegance of ...


Giuseppe di Morabito FW 16/17 and the green inspiration

Giuseppe di Morabito FW 16/17 can probably be defined, vox populi, the virtual winner of this Altaroma edition. He ...


Victorian style fashion, label for a good taste ethics

Victorian style fashion is the label for good taste ethics and bonne manières. And as Queen Victoria did so ...


Green inspiration #163_gloomy glamour

Gloomy Glamour - Gemma Ward wears an intricate jeweled and fluffy gown made from a mix of taffeta and organza, along ...


Travelling to find yourselves

Travelling to find yourselves is, in a certain way, the metaphor of life. At least of mine. Travelling means many ...


2016 new year, old values

2016 new year. This is neither something new nor a new concept to think about on January the 5th when, one day before ...


How a fashion editorial was born, it’s the wish to tell something

How a fashion editorial was born is what I ask myself every time I flip through a magazine and I collect ...


Glitter dresses at Christmas, pure avantgarde

Glitter dresses at Christmas, it's not going to be pure avantgarde as Miranda would say, but it is a possibility, and ...


Green Inspiration #161_Marchesa’s Spring

Marchesa's Spring is the dress decorated with flowers that transors Sandro Botticelli's painting into


Garden Couture, from Valentino to Zara, fashion inspired by nature

Garden Couture from Valentino to Zara passing for Dior, Gucci and many others. For some of us this is one of the ...