Green inspiration #141_rainy & trendy

It doesn't matter it rains. It's not cold, but it's blooming everywhere. It's design week and it's time to go ...


Green inspiration #140_happy Easter

I wish you all you want, wherever you are, whatever your faith is. Have the best day you can


Green inspiration #138_back to reality

I'm back home after one week in one of the most amazing part of Italy ... the sky is the only limit ... fresh air to ...


Green inspiration #136_I wish a MFW like this

I wish I could see a Fashion week like this. An explosion of Nature, happiness and Beauty. Elegance and style. Yves ...


Green inspiration #135_chanel flower pot

A flower pot has never been so edgy yet chic. What you need? A paper bag by chanel, a glass flower pot to put inside ...


Green inspiration #134_covered in gold

“Everything that glitters more than gold is not gold.” Gold has something whimsical, yet captivating. An object ...


Green inspiration #133_Saturnia

Some Italian people think that you may find a warm and hot place in winter only if you go to the other side of the ...


Green inspiration #132_jungle bathroom

In Eastern Countries like Japan it's simpler you can have the chance to relax in a jungle bathroom. This is ...


Green inspiration _waiting for 2015

Waiting for next year with a bouquet of fresh flowers and tons of light and secrets hidden in a


Green inspiration #130_Lanvin

Nature and fashion once again. Sliding water is like a soft veil where you can wrapped your body and feel

ilovegreeninspiratin_Mary Katrantzou Jewel Tree Dress

Green inspiration #129_jewel tree dress

Mary Katrantzou Jewel Tree Dress Mary  Katrantzou "sure knows how to command a print, do something different with ...


Green inspiration #129_go green

"Green is the prime color of the world and that from which its loveliness arises" - Pedro Calderon de la Barca A ...