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Fashion makes us dream

Many people say that fashion makes you dream. It may sound as a cliché, but it is actually much more. Fashion ...


An interview with Natascha Wanvestraut

Afro chic swimwear: Africa, wax fabric {personal beachwear collection} A fashion illustrator who has found her own ...


A striped total look

It doesn't pass a Spring or a Summer, without talking about stripes. We call it The Marimère, if we'd try to ...


Jelewry inspired by nature

Few and very precious or many, smaller and lighter. About jewelry there is not a real rule, but it is almost ...


About lips

In fashion everything comes back cyclically. But not only in fashion. For sure even in architecture, and ...


Who is the fille Bertha?

Who is the fille bertha?An illustrator, many would answer. A dreamer, maybe are going to tell, those who know a ...


David LaChapelle in Rome

Not only a fashion photographer. Not simply a photographer. An artist. A visionary. An innovator. Someone called ...


A grunge outfit and a green lighthouse

I put together a grunge outfit, unknowingly. I've never been particularly fond of rock, but I'm a great fan of ...


#Fotor4mom contest

dedicated to my mom Sometimes, all you need, is just a few minutes to show how someone is important to you. A ...


Green inspiration #140_unpacking

Unpacking....not only a suitcase, but a bag full of good vibes. Let's start a new week with a positive

Bresciani socks Expo 2015

Bresciani socks prêt-à-manger

The Expo 2015 Mania has finally exploded. More or less last minute gadget are appearing everywhere, from supermarket ...


Roy Roger’s archive is life

Who, among us, has not at least 5 pairs of jeans in the closet, 3 on the top of a shelf with the label memories, ...