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The greenest exhibition Maglifico for Altaroma

Imagine being in Rome with an uncertain and variable weather. Imagine secret places often closed and ...


kjore project because less is more

kjoreproject From their closet we are getting used to steal the shirts to use with the sleeves rolled up ...


Auguri re Giorgio

  "Elegance is not to be noticed, but to be remembered". A mixture of good taste, refinement and wonder ...


A fairytale ball gown by Giambattista Valli

  {...} and  there are clothes that will kidnapped you even though you know that you'll never own in your ...

00ilovegreeninspiration_marc_jacobs_marc-jacobs-heart-block-ring copy copy

How to decor your body

"The costume jewelry is not made to give the woman an aura of wealth, but to make her beautiful." Coco Chanel I've ...


It’s all a matter of shorts

L’estate è spesso tutta una questione di “shorts”. E ormai non è più solo roba da spiaggia, ma il più ...


Andidote of a July’s monday

  "Life is full of Monday" (cit). My antidote of today: instead of tossing and turning in bed and looking ...


The friendship factor

Take a friend and go to the beach . It'a sunday time...time to relax and have


America love 4th of july

Between me and America there has always been a special relationship. I often say that in another life I was ...


Jewelry clutch DIY

  The bag as well as the jacket often ruin the simplicity of an outfit. Most often, however, it ...


The One piece beachwear vibe

There is no specific reason why I like one piece beachwear. In fact, almost always I wear a bikini, but every year ...

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Island dressing_instructions

 Be easy, but a little bit chic. Be comfy but don't look shabby. Few things that matches with each other. A ...