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About sneakers: dedicated to those who dream of a pair of Pigalle

Confusing and complicated, certainly instinctive and cerebrale; that's the way I can define our relationship with ...


Penumbra is a state of mind

I prefer the semi-darkness to full light. Penumbra is my perfect vibe. The ray of sunlight filtering through the ...


Never stop running_Maratona di Roma

  A rainy Rome. That leaden gray sky that is the perfect backdrop of the monuments and buildings that speak ...


The cloud dress

Have you ever thought to wear a cloud? ❣❣❣ Avete mai pensato a indossare una


From Nature to Fashion_bubbles

    light and fragile \ suspended and helpless \ scented and elusive ... like a soap bubble \ ...


To go and then, be back

  You often leave to come back.                                                   ...


The belly ring tendency is coming back?

Top gets shortened again and the stylish crop top, worn practically on everything, brings us, in a flashback, back ...


The urban minimalist lady by Moon Young Hee @ PFW

  In the heart of the Marais at 11.00, during a cloudy but clear morning. In one of the longest sides of ...

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Fotor, the best app to communicate with pics

Time for Fashion Week, time to be always connected, time of endless "click" and to edit photos at "the speed of ...


PFW Street style to describe the Monday vibe

I took this street style shot outside Vanessa Bruno Fashion Show, last Friday in Paris. This bag perfectly ...

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#PFW fashion icon of the day

Miroslama Duma and her statement elegance going to Chloé Fashion show, yesterday afternoon in


The bonton dress perfect for the Parisienne allure

  Imagine packing for one week in Paris. Imagine you are going to Fashion Week. Imagine to take everything ...