Skin intellectual: we are all beauty intellectuals in 2018

Skin intellectual, who is not a beauty intellectual today, would certainly like to become one. Nobody is anymore happy neither about an expensive product nor a catchy advertisement. We want to know more. And we know more. Inci, cosmetic dictionaries and webzine’s reviews by more or less trustworthy beauty guros. Before buying a product, we must be sure that it does not hurt our skin. This requirement is even more important than the promise to eliminate all wrinkles in less than four weeks.

If you focus on a good skin care routine, you will never need a lot of makeup again.

Skin intellectual, knowing what we use helps us to choose the right product according to our needs

Not only we are learning to perfectly know all of the ingredients of the products we buy. We also know what they are made for. Based on the needs of our skin. The health of the skin is the first step towards that ideal of natural and almost divine beauty that we often try to reach with photoshop filters.

Attention and variation. Changing creams and ingredients is one of the basic rules. As for the balanced and varied diet, even the skin does not always need the same nourishment.

Hyaluronic acid, collagen or retinol? First of all you should learn what they are. Then, it depends on what you need at that time. Fortunately, the answer is often in nature.

The packaging helps us understand what product we are buying

Not just jars. Those are only for products that are not likely to volatilize or lose their effectiveness in contact with air. For serum, oils and active ingredients with highest anti – age powers, there is a need for special packaging. Like pressure bottles that do not cause the dispersion of the product. Check that the product is packaged and sealed with care. This is the second basic rule.

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Post holidays: skin needs to relax and purify. Uma products pass the tests of the strictest skin intellectuals

100% natural & organic. I have brought them with me around the world: from the beaches of Mexico to the snow-covered mountains of Megève. Going through Florida. They pampered me at all times. I entrust them with my return to work, to the daily agenda and the post-party treatment.

skin intellectual, bio cosmetica, bellezza bio, UMA pure calm wellness oil, UMA ultimate brightening face mask

When you use them, you know you are doing something good for you and the planet. Balms that moisturize the skin in depth, giving the dewy effect. There are masks that point to healthy skin effect. Oils that allow 5-star treatment even at home. Experimentation, innovation and avant-garde. I have touched it with my hand.

Utlimate brightening face mask by UMA: brightness is one of the secrets of a perfect skin. Not only when we publish a photo on instagram. This mask, with a clayey consistency, restores light and clarity to dull skin. Contains botanical ingredients that release powerful antioxidants and fight the effects of free radicals. In this way the grain becomes thinner, the imperfections diminish and small wrinkles and signs of aging, over time, are blurred.

skin intellectual, bio cosmetica, bellezza bio, UMA pure calm wellness oil, UMA ultimate brightening face mask

Wellness oil PURE CALM . There is nothing more effective than a product that naturally alleviates the feeling of anxiety and stress. An oil able to promote tranquility and inner equilibrium,has something thaumaturgical. You can massage it on your feet (on the bottom or between your fingers); at the temples or behind the ears. Even just leaving it open in the environment, for a few minutes, it will give immediate relief.

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