Fashion desire taboo. We no longer want anything, we’ve seen too much

Because we no longer want anything. Material speaking, I mean. And I hope.

It is increasingly difficult to find an object for which we lose our head. Working, saving and dreaming the exact moment in which that determined thing will ultimately become ours. If fashion has contributed, over time, to create an enchanted world, the desire for a purchase has always been the point of arrival and a little personal satisfaction.

i tabù del mondo, vintage outfit, valentino vintage coat, total black outfit, vintage moodboard

Fashion desire taboo: what has happened to us?

We no longer want anything because we are addicted. Addicted to everything.

Until a few years ago, having a Chanel bag or a tailleur was a privilege of few. Very few. A prerogative of wealthy American heirs, wives of oil merchants, entrepreneurs and similar. They were used to wear it everyday, always at breakfast.

The other possibility was to find iconic pieces in the closet of those who have a family tradition with the brand. A liason a la mode. Like in Italy may happen with Valentino or Ferragamo.

What about today? here is what fashion desire taboo has turned into

Today everything has changed. Chanel bags run into any instagrammers’ closets. They have received it from the most luxurious e-commerce (mytheresa, net a porter or similar). Got borrowed in return for a lifetime post and tag delivery on all social. Sometimes even received in gift just from the luxurious brand in the hope of rejuvenating and becoming viral.

Result? Maybe their popularity would have benefited, but the one of the iconic brand no. It went down in free fall.

Because it is no more a niche, desirable and exclusive, but the something made for everybody.

Merchandise as a semi-permanent damage

Everything seems to have become possible, consumable, livable, enjoyable, overwhelming. But if everything is overwhelming, if enjoyment is unbridled and uninterrupted, does the wish, the tiring joy of preparing the encounter go no further? When everything is destined to be the apple to eat to get tired immediately og and transform into the goal to be reached hic et nunc, where is the journey and the wonderful journey experience? What is left of the thought, if everything becomes an action?

i tabù del mondo, vintage outfit, valentino vintage coat, total black outfit, vintage moodboard

The result is the lack of desire. Direct consequence of the mercification of the whole.

There are no more iconic objects. As we are no longer taboo. Intended not as unexplored places, but rather as limitations we dream of overcoming.

The taboo does not perhaps point to an inaccessible, inviolable place where it is not possible for no human being to transit and, at the same time, the irresistible passion for its violation? – Massimo Racalcati The taboo of the world.

And so I just have to look into my wardrobe for some Vintage pieces and combine it together. Waiting for times to change.

i tabù del mondo, vintage outfit, valentino vintage coat, total black outfit, vintage moodboard