Deconstructing is creation. The only answer when fashion turns boring

When fashion gets boring, the only solution is deconstructing. And it’s not hard to imagine why. Deconstructivism is today one of the highest expressions of creativity.


Because it pushes to abandon dress codes, stereotypes, shapes, and structures. In favor of a different way of seeing things.

It is quite simple to imagine that a different way of looking at the same thing can save us from the monotony we are sinking into. It’s  not only someone’s problem, but everybody’s.

Deconstructing as a form of rebellion: in response to monotony

Monotony has infected us. For overdose of images. For excessive content. Use in large quantities. Like when you eat, eat, eat and, suddenly, after the last crumb, you are saturated. At that point you need a radical change. Often impossible.

It’s difficult to change style, gender, nation and continent. We are not able to change the world. Or at least most of us can’t. However, we can look at it differently and from that new point of view, work on small modifications capable  to break monotony.

We should all be a bit rebellious. The concept of rebellion is perhaps the only one that can really save us. Reject the rules. Of the market, first of all.

Designers who love deconstructing

It is not just a case that one of the most acclaimed designers of the moment applies these two concepts in practice:

  1. Break the rules. Imagine iconic garments in a completely different way. Destroying them, precisely. Scrapping and transforming them. Padding jackets and shirts asymmetrical. Wearing t-shirts in the reverse and reversing the orders. The jerseys over the jackets. Skirts over pants.
  2. Resume clothes and trademarks of the past, mainly the sporty one. It redefines them, fills them with new meanings. Like the maxi Champion sweaters that become new veneration objects. And Dr Martins and Levi’s.

Of course I’m talking about Demna. Vetements’ designer, who is the same one of Balenciaga’s.

Decostruire , decostruttivismo nella moda, outfit in total denim, Demna Gvasalia e il decostruttivismo, Yamamoto e il decostruttivismo, total outfit Zara

Deconstruction is also an act of courage

Certainly you need courage to create a new brand and call it generically “clothes“. Just as it takes courage to revisit, with these ideas, an historic and well-structured maison.

If Demna Gvasalia is the paladin of our day, there is another stylist who has always used these two principles, as a mantra: Yohji Yamamoto.

More focused on being than on appearance, he has always created clothes at the limit of art and sculpture. Working on the concept of woman and femininity as a person and not a doll. Theorizing on male narcissism, leaving him wearing  skirts.

Yamamoto is considered an “intellectual” rebel in fashion, who in this field, tries to realize his point of view through aesthetics and uses scissors and fabric as weapons. He creates new volumes of the human body without bonding or enveloping it; the fabric seems to accompany the body, guarding it.

And then here we are. Small consumers in an Universe of endless possibilities who always have a possibility of transforming ourselves into cultured and creative individuals. Perfectly able to open our closet and change connotation to stereotyped piece of clothing.

Decostruire , decostruttivismo nella moda, outfit in total denim, Demna Gvasalia e il decostruttivismo, Yamamoto e il decostruttivismo, total outfit Zara