Italian fashion, ecoage and green era. Here is why Milan matters

Italian fashion and meanings of being. Many have talked about it. And despite the fact that the data should be able to talk more than guesses, it still seems possible to attribute many levels of significance. Dear Vanessa Friedman, one of the most authoritative voices of the New York Times, was, for example, publicly questioned if a week of fashion in Milan still made sense.

Does Milan matter?

This is how she titles her piece out right at the end of the six Italian days. She is not afraid to be rude or excessively tranchant. For American critics, attack and offense do not need etiquette. What are the reasons? According to her, our designers lack of inventiveness and creativity.

Well, we ahould admit that if these statements did not stir up a few years ago, they resonate a little unfounded now. A mix of insensitivity and superficiality dictated by unknown motivation.

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Italian fashion: here is the answer to Vanessa Friedman

Beyond the resentful and impulsive responses of the most mediatic person between the two Dolce & Gabbana, there are more objective reasons to reject such statements. The first and in my opinion, the most well-founded, is Livia Firth’s. Founder and Creative Director of Ecoage. Organizer, along with Camera della Moda, the Green Carpets Award.

A sustainable fashion. From the first to the last ring of the chain. That’s the point. Affirming that Milan does not make any sense when, just Italy with Milan, was the first to support and encourage greater sensitivity on these issues is to ignore future and progress.

Don’t wear what everyone else is wearing, fast fashion doesn’t go anyway […] be an active citizen choose ethical fashion and build your sustainable wardrobe.

The point, perhaps, is no longer just to create beautiful clothes. Disposable garments that will be covered, with more or less success, by fast fashion brands. Decline trends and hope to get the obsession \ must have out. We want to see new creative worlds. Absolutely. We need, however, that such worlds are not just appearances.

Would it be a case that most lucky collections, recently, are the ones that lead to slogans, revolutions and ideals that need to be wiped out?

The theme is to build a conscience. Behind, with and within clothing. Certainly it is difficult to seek consistency with a constantly evolving and changing world. However, it is an imperative to claim sensitivity and not accept free criticism.

The Italian answer to the absence of novelty in Italian Fashion

There have been novelties in the Italian landscape. There are new creative directors. Emerging talents and even attempts to spectacularize the past like in the Versace tribute.

Steps forward are in progress too.

Like those in the Gucci’s world. Either from the point of view of the creative director Alessandro Michele, who re-elaborates and regurgitates all his visual, cultural, creative world, or the sustained commitment, proclaimed recently, by the CEO Marco Bizzarri.

We are going fur free.

Culture of porpuse, putting positive enviromental and social impact at the very heart of the brand.

Forgetting or ignoring all this, dear Vanessa, in 2017 is not sustainable. It is also very impartial.

I’m sorry.