Fashion similarities. Maxi-sorbet for Oscar de la Renta & Giambattista Valli

Fashion similarities: how many of them. Some are easier to find. Others understood after reading tons of volumes of fashion history and aulic references.

Sometimes they appear in our mind as flashbacks. Or rather than as associations on a psychologist’s bed. Maybe they are jokes of the mind. Or the reality.

Fashion similarities: Oscar de la Renta & Giambattista Valli case study

Latest Oscar de la Renta spring\summer 2018 fashion show has many inspirations taken from famous runaways. Among the several, there is one that hit me more than others.

Among the final exits, a large evening dress in sorbet color. I do not know if it only happened to me, but it reminded an unforgettable show. Giambattista Valli’s haute couture 2014 \ 2015.

But it’s just a thought.

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