What not to wear on summer 2017. Out of fashion Vademecum

What not to wear on summer 2017, because sometimes it is more important to understand what should not be done. Or worn. We are constantly bombarded, season after season on what we should buy or have in our closet. For some people, they are commercial purposes, for others a whole matter of style.

But what does it really change?

Almost nothing. Or better it changes and then it does it again after few months.

This summer, for example, we will surprise you with:

  • stripes on pants, t – shirts and chemisier
  • denim
  • lemon yellow
  • sandals
  • panama and straw bags
  • one piece beachwear
  • total white

Nothing that could not be worn last year or that you can not wear next summer.

What not to wear on summer 2017: here is the list

So among the usual thousand tips on what to do, here’s what you should not wear this summer 2017. Maybe this vademecum will also be for the next. And autumn \ winter to come.

  • skinny jeans. Well, times when the silhouettes had to be clearly shown are far away. Today we better show and perceive them in wide, flair, and destructured models.
  • plateau.Completely outdated, especially in the decollete version. In its place stylish and thin stilettos. If you just can not give up the extra centimeters, the only solution are platforms.
  • ’50 inspired skirts. large, floral, and even those by Dior. Not even those made of tulle (sex & thecity docet). Let’s replace them with  longuettes. In leather, cotton and even silk.
  • Synthetic fabrics. In summer it’s hot, so it is better not to travel in inflammable material. Even the famous low-cost chains are pointing to organic cotton lines. Let’s imitate them.
  • shopper bags. It’s no longer time to carry our whole life in a purse. Mini and very cool ones is the key.
  • rubber boots. Never again. Today only boots with socks. From Zara to Balenciaga. Or rather vice versa.

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What to wear versus what not to wear on summer 2017

If you are not completely convinced and want to have some informa about what to wear, you can read io donna guide.