Luggages in vogue. What to put counts as much as the container

Luggages in vogue. We’re not talking about those branded Chanel. Who is going to forget those trolleys that first appeared on the spring / summer 2016 collection?!? We’re talking about containers. Those able to enclose part of our world and to bring us far. As those big boxes that in the past were covered with stickers and memories.

Do you like to pack your suitcase? Yes and no! It is exciting because it creates expectations. Tiring because it can be overwhelming.

Fashionable suitcases, what you should not do

Let’s forget bags, pouches, handbags. Backpacks, last-minute envelopes and suitcases that can not be dragged easily.

It took time to understand it, but I think there is nothing more pitiful than a woman bent over by the weight of her suitcase.

On the other hand, let’s imagine the perfect scene. The luggage is open on the parquet and the clothes folded on the bed or on the couch. Ready to be packed. There is nothing more reassuring than having this situation under control.

Valigie in vogue, valigie chanel, valigie gucci,

Suitcases in vogue: we will never need all we think

Traveling has become a simple thing. Our attitude should also be simple. Traveling is life.

And for someone has become a form of art.

Louis Vuitton has transformed the passion for travelling into a personal search. Overgrows in monogram fabric has accompanied aristocratic families around the world in the early twentieth century. These trunks turned into torches, and then became trolleys. They have been copied and reproduced by many less expensive brands.

Often, it’s just the low cost luggage that causes our sloppy wandering  for airports or stations.

Valigie in vogue, valigie chanel, valigie gucci, editoriali valigie

Valigie in vogue, valigie chanel, valigie gucci, editoriali valigie

Suitcases, trolleys, beauty cases for stylish travel

Trolleys and matching beauty cases point to a luxury and style idea of travelling. It does not matter the brand, but the substance. Add a tote bag or a shoulder one with all the necessaire (documents, mini bags, keys, iphone, and vital items) and you’ll be ready to spin the world.

If you think you can not give up brands
  • White Chanel trolley in matelasse. Can not go unnoticed
  • Vintage Gucci handbag. For those who love retro style. Not to be weighed.
  • Beauty case by Mansur Gravier. An allure of other times.
  • Trolley Prada. Essential and minimal.

Valigie in vogue, valigie chanel, valigie gucci, editoriali valigie

Space to the penalty. Rigid trolley with personality: for mini week end

I’ve always liked the strong character of these rigid suitcases. A structured shell capable of telling many things. Moncler and Longchamp made them with a rigid silver structure.

A beautiful one has been also realized by my fellow Italian\ French journalist  Hélène Battaglia with the made in Italy project RIFLESSI. Interchangeable rigid panels with images of visited places. As indelible impressions. Those who take you back every time you visit a new place.

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