Green inspiration 187 art is everywhere, look for it

Art is everywhere. On the road. When you decide to stop for a coffee instead of continuing straight ahead and find something that you have never imagined.

Sometimes laziness brings us not turn the corner. That’s the time when we lose the extraordinary.

Art is everywhere, don’t stop looking for it

One of the secret is don’t stop looking for it. Or rather, observing reality. You never know where it’s hiding, but what is certain is that you can often find it where you did not think.

Art is contagious.

When I stopped to take this picture, close to these roses that everybody didn’t see,  a small group of people have begun looking at them astonished. Just spread the attitude and thirst for beauty. Always.

green inspiration, iced fountail in roma, art is everywheree

Fontana di Piazza Esedra – Roma