Five winter trends 2016, here is what you are going to wear

Here are five winter trends 2016 you can buy from the Canadian website Simons. I’ve always liked their way to communicate what they do, that actually is what they believe in. How they decline the hottest trends of the moment in a unique way is something you are going to love too .

Fashion has always been our passion since 1840.

Five own clothing brands (Icone, Contemporaine, Twik, Miiyu, iFiv5) and many other designers. From the historic Courrèges with its leather suite fully inspired by the Sixties, up to contemporary and very Italian ones like Philosophy by Lorenzo Serafini. Either eclectic garments at low cost or high fashion brands that make the history of fashion.

Five winter trends 2016, let’s turn yourself into an icon

Being an icon is the dream of many of us. Very few succeed. What is the combination to become an icon in 2017? Believe in yourself and don’t be afraid to show your own personality. Even what you wear is important to achieve this result. Icone is my favorite Simons’line . Thought for dynamic and self confident women. Those that never stop looking forward. The one who are never afraid to show what they think.

From velvet to punk here are five winter trends 2016

Lamé relief. Iridescent fabrics and metallic shades. From dusk till dawn. In shades of silver -like the moon- or in those of an electric deep blue to never go unnoticed.

Cinque tendenze inverno 2016, lamé trend, metallic trend,

Poetic punk. Punk has never been so trendy. Either romantic or poetic – as defined by Simons. Made of glitter, embroidery and a sweet, but firm attitude.

Cinque tendenze inverno 2016, poetic punk, punk trend,

Very velvet. Heavy fabrics like drapes become the must-have essential. Pants, skirts and velvet suits. This is the trend that everyone agrees on.

Cinque tendenze inverno 2016, velvet trend,

Sweaters all over. It’s not winter without the right amount of wires on the skin. Soft, over or embroidered. Are you looking for one in perfect Christmas style ? You can not resist the ones with reindeer.

Cinque tendenze inverno 2016,sweater all over

Grunge. It’s tartan everywhere. From coats to pants through total look. In the classy red, or in bold green&blue. Grunge could not be more elegant.Cinque tendenze inverno 2016, tartan l trend, grunge trend,