Cafe Society a film directed by Woody Allen why you should see it

kresten stewart Café Society di Woody Allen

Cafe Society is a film directed by Woody Allen and is an insight into the America of the 1930’s. The plot is what we’d expect: typical Woody Allen, in the sense that it contains of all of the traits and habits and clichés that are so dear to him. He, she and the other he, in this case. While the plot is easily recognisable in the romantic comedy genre so dear to the famous film director, the writing and the direction are also very appealingIt could also almost be a fashion documentary of the chosen period of history. Not only for the choice of the actors, Kristen Stewart and Blake Lively, two of the main female characters, but above all for the incredible style trip between the Big Apple and the Hollywood of those years.

Cafe Society a film directed by Woody Allen. A typical Woody’s plot

In this last film he is captivating a very intriguing era. We are in the America that lies somewhere between Hollywood and New York. There are actors, directors, a millionaire, a playboy and the young in search of fortune. The story starts with the young Bobby leaving Manhattan to seek his fortune in California. Once he has found a job at his uncle’s agency, he falls in love with his beautiful and sweet secretary. But he doesn’t stick around there for long. Soon he will return to New York where he becomes the owner of a popular nightclub, the “Cafe Society” of the movie’s title in fact.

All looks you should copy from Cafe Society a film directed by Woody Allen

That time has always fascinated me, “says the director.” It was one of the most exciting moments of the city’s history, with an extraordinary influx theaters, cafes and restaurants. From uptown to downtown Manhattan, wherever it was, the New York night life was always in full swing.

Watching this film is like taking a jump into time. You could take notes in the history of fashion and costume. Between the 30’s fashion. Feathers, pearls, silk and the fabulous Chanel jewelry.

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