Laura Biagiotti SS 17: the green attitude

Laura Biagiotti SS 17

Laura Biagiotti SS 17: new graphic prints, bouquet clothing, diamond shapes and stripes. The woman doll from the 70’s, the most popular Roman designer’s silhouette, has just  become modern! That’s modern in the sense of belonging to the present time. Elegant and sporty. Docile and strong. Essential and sophisticated.

Looking for elements of the past gives security. See what’s new, enthusiasm and optimism. “Green attitude” is the keyword to be sportingly in step with the times.

Laura Biagiotti SS 17: positive living on the runaway

Leisure, light and nature, ready to wear. The impressive space of the Teatro Piccolo in Milan was the parterre for Laura Biagiotti spring summer collection. When you decide to show in a theatre like this, you do not need to add more set design. Only a symbol. A vertical green wall as the background of not only multicolour clothing. A piece of contemporary land art, a fragment of modernity in a historic architecture.

The dance begins immediately, as Carla Fracci comes early into the theatre as a guest. Then she will somehow close them. A strong and intense hug with Madame Biagiotti on the still-lit walkway.

When you look at a brand like Laura Biagiotti, you have that idea of fashion as a system that makes clothes for a woman who loves living. With style. The process of signification to the joie de vivre is immediate and obvious.

Laura Biagiotti SS 17

Laura Biagiotti SS 17

Synthesis of an exceptional game: Laura Biagiotti SS 17

If you have a solid history behind it, you can not but start from there. That’s why in these cases there is always a continuity with the past, which gives meaning to the propensity towards the future. The same one that sees Laura and Lavinia going out together at the end of each show.

The maxi stripes on the wide silhouette is just a confirmation. They look so reassuring, like the memory of a safe place. Then the new. Original prints, as the fancy pop – ball, appearing on intense colours and stylish sporty models. The pajama is shortened and complete with maxi diva sunglasses. The trench coat is worn casually. The pieces of a sporty wardrobe, such as pole-Guêpière, are enriched with braided laces. Pastel lozenges pastel and gold wires are warning of a divertissement able to transform a sporty wardrobe into something elegant, and vice versa.

Bouquet prints are blooming in a manner not at all accidental on-shoulder leaders and high collars.

This edition of Laura Biagiotti’s fashion golf was an exceptional game. Prelude edition of the Ryder Cup of Golf to be held in 2022 in the field of Biagiotti Group at the gates of Rome? We think so, yes.

IT clothing: green trench verde with pop – ball print

IT accessory: metallic sandal with sculptural heels

Colors: green, pastel colors, black&white

Laura Biagiotti SS 17

Laura Biagiotti SS 17

     Laura Biagiotti SS 17 Laura Biagiotti SS 17 Laura Biagiotti SS 17   Laura Biagiotti SS 17 Laura Biagiotti SS 17