Multiple perspectives: AAA new creative possibilities wanted

Multiprospettiva collega di moda, ispirazione mucha

Multiple perspectives and liquid space. Words in code that are mementoes of the importance of the concept of signification, even before than the one of communication. Associations of ideas, inspirations, transversal suggestions that can add layers upon layers made of succulent content. There’s no more time for simplicity. The message needs to be clear, but complex. Complexity attracts more than banality; like comparing a fully-prepared lasagna to a simple white paste. This doesn’t mean alteration of content. Not at all. It implies an exaltation of it in favour of authentic and true aspects that are, at the same time, more attractive and interesting.

Multiple perspectives is the way to look at things from different points of view

Contaminations have always led to the most interesting results. Between art and architecture, for example. Between fashion and design. Oppositions not only antinomian ones, but also grafts and hybrids. It’s diversity the only one able to create variety and surprise we all seek. Looking at things from a different point of view to weave a wire that moves through a permeable territory and reaches the communication field in order to transfers complexity and richness.

One level is not enough. That happens for the same reason that 2D reality is often replaced with a 3D one. Inspirations converge into suggestions, moods collapse into ideals and the images are no longer static, but changing visions that become the mirror of a lifestyle.

Many choose the path of Multiple perspectives

This attention to the forms of complex narratives is everywhere. Gucci and its #Guccigram project. Valentino and the contaminated worlds imagined by international artists. Prada, in one of its latest accessories campaigns, stopped showing only the bags, but included landscapes and suggestions.

“A woman carries fragments of her history, her experiences, her loves, her dramas: the handbag contains multiple narratives. The new #PradaBibliotheque accommodates diverse affairs and unexpected adventures.”

In this way Prada campaign not only sells us a product, but a whole imaginary, awakening the cultural background and our world of reference. The direct consequence is that we will admire not only the accessory as an object, but we will want it as an icon of a certain lifestyle.

Multiple perspectives applied to real life

It goes either for an advertising campaign or for real life. Understanding which are the elements we want to include in our narrative, to have a story that is more full of meanings. Rather than stand by and watch it from outside, we can light a dense signification process, less attentive to the direct way we communicate ourselves to others, but more focused on the different levels of interpretation that may arise from our message. The result is a more informed choice, not a senseless transport to a trend.

Looking for influences doesn’t really make much sense. Better to find a way to tell ourselves the inspiration that enhances and enriches us. We can take a portrait of ourself without necessarily take an ugly selfie. Show us on the beach in bikini without showing off a body trivially disrobed.
Being and not appearing. As we really are. And maybe even a little ‘less’. There is no wrong or excessive communication, but only the risk of being out of our real contest.

Multiple perspectives as a memento of originality, the copy does not work

This is the reason why the copy of something or someone will never work to the end. The risk to obey a cliché is seedier than the cliché itself, undermining the concept of identity.

Personal identity may be fragmented, incomplete, unsettled, confused, uglier than we would like, however, it has the right and dignity to come out. Even in order to be questioned. Perhaps we may think about ourselves in a dreamlike and almost delirious moodboard. Forced and filled with items that interest us, anticipating our personal idea of beauty regardless of all that surrounds us.

Multiprospettiva collega di moda, ispirazione mucha


co – creative credits: Rosa Topputo di D’Arc.Studio

graphic: Marinella Rauso