Greek outdoor inspiration: total white and a touch of blue


Greek outdoor inspiration: simplicity, rigour and colour. Observing the Greek architecture, from a single-family house to a church, you may be struck by the total absence of excess! Pristine volumes almost sculpted in one single white block, as if they were made of chalk ready to crumble at the first whiff of Meltemi. Squared, with rounded corners, with windows in a geometric composition and details of colour. Mostly blue, like the beautiful sky that frames them. The treads of the stairs, domes and the window frame.

Greek outdoors teach us that the detail makes the difference, accentuates the identity and connotes a place uniquely.Sometimes instead of blue and its nuances, there is green. Cactus, plant, nature.

Greek outdoor inspiration classic charm, modern linearity

It goes for fashion and also for architecture. Sometimes there is no need to impress with special effects, but to combine measure with taste. The taste that is shaped by observing nature and handing down a tradition.

The relationship with the sea is all-encompassing in Greece. The Aegean sea is the real protagonist. The intense blue inspired decorations. The white that reflects the sun and the light becomes blinding.

The greek style blends classic charm with modern simplicity.

Typical characteristics if you are looking for Greek outdoor inspiration

Actually when we say Greece, we mean many things together. The architecture, strongly influenced by the geographical characteristics of the area, makes Greece a country rich in diversity. This is the reason why we often associate it  with Cyclades Islands and the white villages perched on hills overlooking the sea. Here the openings are small and the hidden entrances at the bottom of narrow corridors. To shelter from the hot sun and the violent wind. The surface is unique, there is continuity of material and colour. Sometimes roofs are coloured, the outdoor spaces to dampen the heat of the reflecting surface and allow us to walk barefoot.

The furnishings are basic: wooden benches, tables and coloured bright pillows everywhere. They do not need pictures because the windows frame the nature.



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