New Kenzo fragrance video is collecting consensus, why?

New Kenzo fragrance video «My Mutant Brain» is going around the world collecting almost universal consensus. Have you asked why?

I do not think that the main credit neither goes to the eclectic 46-year old US director Spike Jonze, nor to the lovely young Margaret Qualley – Andie MacDowell’s daughter. Or rather, it certainly goes to both, but that’s not the point. The new Kenzo fragrance video is energetic, explosive, exciting, unexpected. It is, in one word, different. It’s not featurig neither the usual diaphanous models, nor the white  and almost emaciated bodies that move like lost souls around Venice, Paris, Rome.

Also in this advertisement there is a beauty, but she is bored by the static appearance which only looks to the form. With an apology she leaves the table where she was eating and begins to wander. Once she is out she let her true character out throwing herself in a ball like a tribal dance with hip hop, funky and contemporary dance influences.

New Kenzo fragrance video: communication that works

An example of communication that works. Keeps us attached to the screen and allows us to look it in a loop for at least three consecutive times (this is what happened to me). The Chemical Brothers’s video director had never worked in beauty world before. His debut is a winning affair, such as the vital message of this campaign.

The eye of Allah, good luck icon in Turkish culture and symbol of the maison, is Alice’s mirror in which the beautiful main character dives into in the end. She is not passing into another dimension, but comes back with her feet on the ground, stronger than ever.

This is the world of Kenzo imagined by the two artistic directors Carol Lim and Humberto Leon:

“[…] bold, spontaneous, surprising, fun and colourful… A world that celebrates the liberty of expression, diversity and creativity.”

The song has been created for the video.