Stefano Gabbana’s Instagram: a beauty & love lesson

Stefano Gabbana Instagram

Stefano Gabbana’s Instagram: he doesn’t really need much introduction. He is one half of the duo from Milan, the one who loves Sicily, Naples and indeed all of Italy.

781 k followers and 10.714 posts at the time of me writing, with an average of more than three pictures per day. He describes himself only with hashtags. They are the same ones that describe the collections. An authentic philosophy of life.#orgogliosodiessereitaliano #sicilyismylove #dgfamily #dgmamma #italiaislove

For Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana their brand is their essence. The way of seeing things and communicating.

« […] Today, what has really changed in fashion – for a designer or a newspaper – it is the relationship with people. “ “Talking with people and listening to them is critical,” says Domenico Dolce.

Stefano Gabbana, constantly does this through his Instagram! He replies to private messages; posts photos of real people wearing his clothes while studying, going out, having fun. He shows us the human side of things. All of these show us that Dolce & Gabbana is either  one of the coolest brands of our age, or among the few that has the courage to remain true to themselves.  This was enough to say in front of the Royal Geographical Society of London theatre, guests of Vogue Festival 2016, that no one will draw Dolce & Gabbana without them.


“It’s like saying that a famous artist is replaced with someone else who creates with his name. Well, I refuse to see our brand distorted. When I’ll die stop! Imagine Dolce and Gabbana by a Scandinavian? No come on…”

Stefano Gabbana’s Instagram is his voice

It is neither a personal promotional account nor even a bulletin board where you post the latest news. Unlike all of the other designers, here there is no 3D reality. There is the desire to be what you are, without worrying too much about what people think. So Stefano shows his followers his daily training, the facial gymnastics, photos of many fans and his love for beautiful and true things .

The Vucciria of Palermo images , where the fruit stands are mixed with those of the #DGfamily prints  The shots of the advertising campaigns lively, heated and winking. Everything is a party.

Notable too among his many posts, there is also the San Gandolfo band who played for the first time in Polizzi Generosa 35 years ago, when the duo signed a deal with Dolce’s textile family company, and who continue to play today. Nowadays, in 2016, when the real ideal of woman #autentica has already travelled around the world, together with the  Mediterranean majolica, lemons from the Amalfi cost, the rosaries worn as necklaces, the crosses and sacred figurative art.

He knows what people really like and takes joke of uglyness

Those who know us know that the Dolce & Gabbana woman is either a wife, a manager, a mother or a lover. And that women gets continously excited by reality. So, the desire to constantly get excited, the love for beauty and the joys of life that give rise to the intolerance for aseptic fashion. For those editorials made by models with no expression: real estate, cold, lifeless. Without the transport of one passionate styling, without mirth and joy de vivre. The typical mannequin is not the sweet & Gabbana woman.

So in an ironic and provocative way, Stefano Gabbana invents two new hashtag #DGtristezza and #DGcesso. It’s a way to make fun of these editorials without context and identity. The magazines that don’t think  about what women really like. On that part of the fashion system that believes in stereotypes and built models and fake, where even a dress inspired to Sicily or Portofino can become almost a carbon copy of the one designed by Alessandro Michele.

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#DGtristezza #DGcesso

Stefano Gabbana Instagram

 Stefano Gabbana Instagram  Stefano Gabbana Instagram

credits: stefano gabbana instagram account