Beachwear Summer 2016: here are the best

Costumi Estate 2016

Beachwear Summer 2016: It is certainly not easy. Yet it should not even be that hard. Summer is the season of freedom, beauty and carefree. Fortunately we are now entering the heart and everything is still quite possible. Finding the perfect beachwear too.

Under the blazing sun in the shade of a parasol or on board of a yacht, there are only two possible styles: Vintage chic or sporty chic.

Beachwear Summer 2016 no variation on this theme

Vintage chic and sporty chic: these are the guidelines for choosing the right one. A two pieces or a whole one. Intermediate and hybrid models not allowed. There is not much to invent when it comes to swimwear. Traditional models, the female ones, and original andunexpected prints. It’s very interesting the way Solid & striped declines the world of athletics. Stripes and vichy print perfect for the sporty chic mood.

As well as the most romantic and light retro style of Lisa Marie Fernandez or Marysia, a label based in New York and Los Angeles by a Polish designer.

costumi sporty chic 2016


Guidelins for Beachwear Summer 2016

Two pieces:
–  the triangle with a very low twist slip nd laces remains by far the most stylish. Prints should be minimal and playful. Watermelons, strawberries, cherries, pineapple and fruit all over. Perfect with mini charms on the same theme.
Range, preferably structured rather than stuffed. Like a corset of various sizes to be worn with a slip or a high waist with a canonical model. Perfect with a patterned maxi striped deck or mini effect for a pinstripe effect.

One piece:
we have said one piece. So forget too elaborate cut out. Transparent inserts, nets, and other gadgets.
– As a body model with a round cut at the front and deep neckline on the back. Can also be worn with a pair of converse.
– Structured as a bustier with ethnic patterns or stripes.
– With large ruffles. Floral, romantic. All about sweetness


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