Gipsy style interiori: la Vie Bohème

Gipsy style interni

Gipsy style interior: colors, details and nomadic inspiration meant as research and richness. From Turkey to St. Barth, through the Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert. The eclectic style par excellence. Morocco, Indie vibe, hippie, beatnik and vintage influences. These interiors become energy storage, such as mini caravans filled with souvenirs from the world. The rule is that there are no rules. And it required only love of color and a free spirit, sometimes bohemian.

Gipsy style interior: summer transformation

Don’t be afraid to dare, mix and match apparently distant worlds. What is the only common denominator? Liveliness and energy. No room for minimalism, there is the need for strength and determination. What you bring back from a trip around the world discovering new places; everything you accumulate when you live life intensely.

Combine raspberry red with shades of green. Create the unexpected adding gold or mustard yellow. Colored tassel, plenty of pillows, fabrics and decorative accessories. You can not forget either colors, or the natural materials, such as wood and linen, candles and plants.

Add pillows to a sofa in neutral tones or put them there on the corner of a rough carpet.

Try hanging old guitars on a white wall and it will be decorated with custumer indie art.

Do not be ashamed to add color to a colored wall, it combines prints and get the Mexican Bazar effect. Remember that you can never have enough prints and pretty plants.

The gypsy style becomes chic when you match a natural wood table and an orchid.

Try hanging a hammock, fill it with pillows and a blanket with stripes. It will not only create the perfect gipsy corner, but it will add extra comfort to your stay.


“A room should never allow the eye to settle in a place; it should smile and create fantasy” – Juan Montoya

Gipsy style interni Gipsy style interni Gipsy style interior Gipsy style interni  Gipsy style interni