How to succeed? The formula not formula


How to succeed? Obviously I do not know the answer. If I knew I would not tell or at least not as easily. If I had the certainty of owning the successful formula, that universally valid one, probably I’ll keep it safe close to me. Or maybe I would write guides and manuals that with a little luck, will keep what they promise. The desire to succeed is everybody’s desire. Almost everybody. Although it can mean many different things.

When my grandmother has decorated this dining room, she wassuccessful. Esteemed and appreciated teacher  in a small town. A beautiful house, a brother who was a priest and a family. They were in the 50’s. Being successful was simpler. Maybe. There were cliché that if respected, guaranteed a minimum dose of happiness.

We often associate Happiness with the ability to be whatever we want, without knowing if we will never be happy or eternally unhappy.



How to succeed? here’s what other say

Some people dream of success, while others wake up and work hard

This is what an anonymous says. Furthermore this is the first great truth. To get anywhere we have to work. Hard. It’s a false illusion the one that makes us believe that it is enough pointing to luck. Indeed, as Jean Cocteau said that’s the way it usually we explain other’s success. Usually whenever we see a person who succed, we only think about public glory, and we don’t take care of the sacrifices made in private to reach it.

Anyway thinking that dedication, commitment and humility are the right path, it is naive as much as Red Riding Hood in the woods. How to be successful is related to so many things together. Genius, inventiveness, determination and a touch of madness. Create the unexpected, making the impossible possible, seeing what others do not see. Turning something ordinary into something extraordinary.

Is not Alessandro Michele with Gucci having success doing exactly that?!?


Having fame is the same of succeed?

You can reach fame and have no success. It is known in your industry, not after. Or have a passing fame, that will pass before you get to success, satisfying the voyeuristic attitudes of someone.

If the opportunity does not knock, build a door.– Milton Berl

It’s not enough wishing to be the first at all costs. While the opportunities have to be found, it is also true that these, to become something else, must meet training and content. There are neither reference numbers, nor those who make us categorize among many or the first of all.

Success is not just anything that you accomplish in your life, but also what inspires somebody else’s.

Today to succeed, we need to propose something different. Inspire people to be what they think they couldn’t. Suggesting no who they have to be, but how to be what you want. To see the other side of things. Mixing the past with the present and imagine a dreamy and intriguing future.

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ph. Elisa Rinaldi