#Dolce&gabbanalovesnaples. It’s neither a simple hashtag, nor a trivial advertising campaign. The Mayor of Naples, newly re-elected, is preparing to celebrate with his city the Dolce & Gabbana’s 30th birthday. In Naples they are going to celebrate true love for Italy, art, architecture, good things  in life and lemons from the Amalfi coast. They chose an Italian city. An especially relevant one.  Napoli [the Italian name] is scenically beautiful and inherently authentic, with its contrasts incomprehensible for those who don’t live there. A place where vitality is mixed to confusion and creative strength,. Here d&g family will celebrate for three days.


#Dolce&gabbanalovesnaples and Summer lemons

Dolce&Gabbana loves Italy. All of it. From Portofino to Capri. Furthermore they adore Italian lemons, natural refreshing for body and mind. As a result they have transformed them into prints and accessories. Lemonade or limoncello? The choice is up to you. Probably both if you are in Naples for a weekend. The A\W 2017 campaign taken a few months ago on the streets of Spaccanapoli is showing all of these contrasts and peculiarities. Nothing compared to what is going to happen between 7th and 11st of July 2016.

A sure success #Dolce&gabbanalovesnaples

In Naples it is hard to understand what are the boundaries. The city is dense, but in a unique way compared to other Italian cities. There are the intelligentsia quarters, those of writers, historians, politicians who live very close to those who are inventing themselves everyday. The famous Spanish quarters are at the center of the city. Creativity reigns – almost like in New York. Authentic and varied on multiple levels.

Why does a fashion brand choose a city like this? First of all because Stefano and Domenico are often saying:

«We want to show emotions»

In addition commenting last year Portofino’s show the designers added: “There is no woman who does not want to be a princess or a fairy once in a lifetime. And then there are us and there is no greater satisfaction in our profession to be able to accomplish anything. Creativity and fantasy in its purest form, without thinking about anything else. “

This explains some of the reasons why they chose Naple. The woman fashion show in the historic center, the men’s one in Castel dell’Ovo and a gala close to the beach in Posillipo.

If you are looking for excitement, I think they are preparing to give us memorable one. It will be a tout court experience.

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