Antiage skincare: all of the TOP ingredients


Antiage skincare. We rely on these tubes and jars as if they had the power to make us happy. At least in appearance. We are not speaking about elixir of life, but of promises, sometimes very expensive ones. In addition to reading the slogans, some of them are so effective that may almost convince us that the strange case of Benjamin Button could even happen. But do you know how to orient yourself?

Here are the basic ingredients and what they do. Please keep in mind that each of us is different and there is no golden rule that applies to all of us. If you learn  the list of TOP components, it will be easier to go straight to the result.

Antiage skincare few general concepts

How is young skin? It ‘s definitely a lot of things together, which also vary according to genetics, but it’s firm, luminous, smooth and hydrated for sure. The skin, like the human body, naturally contains all the necessary elements. It regenerates and repair itself. But this happens as long as we are young, getting older, all the mechanisms get slower. The cells are renewed slowler. The collagen decreases. The production of some essential elements also.

Creams with the right ingredients are right there to help where needed.


Here is the Antiage skincare A-list

The world of beauty is constantly changing. Almost every month there are updates about serums, masks and lotions. Pulling the sums, however, there are a few ingredients that we can consider as the Holy Grail, the irreplaceable to achieve effective results.

RETINOL. The superstar multitasking antiage. A derivative of vitamin A. Studied for decades is virtually the warrior # 1 of the battle against wrinkles. Dermatologists are all agreed, if you have to choose a single anti-aging, then choose Retinol. Able to do just about everything: it helps the cell renewal, increases the production of collagen and reduces fine lines by improving skin texture. This may seem like a wish list, but the results are proven and visible in 8 \ 10 weeks.

How to use it. To be used with due attention. Once a week for the first time, without using scrubs and potentially irritating products. Twice a week thereafter. thoroughly moisturize the skin and use a high sunscreen at least for the first six months.

PEPTIDES. The ally of firm skin. There are many products that promise a firmer and more elastic skin. But what does it make really soda, taut, youthful and smooth? The collagen that constitutes the skin for 75%. With age, collagen production decreases and also the full appearance of a young and firm skin. The peptides are there for this. Reactivating the production of collagen, stimulating the skin, restoring the mechanisms that has misfed.

How to use it. The ideal is to introduce it at around 30, when the production of collagen begins to decrease. To be applied directly to the skin constantly in beauty routine.

HYALURONIC ACID. Moisturizing bomb. There are many people who have already had a real love affair with this acid. It can be found almost anywhere. From creams to masks, lotions and  foundation. It moisturizes and plumps the skin deeply. A substance naturally contained in the human body that acts as a shock absorber and lubricant for the skin making it soft.

How to use it. It can be used at all ages due to its ability to keep the softness, maintain the skin super hydrated. Given to its very light formulation, it also it works for skin prone to acne.

VITAMIN C. The brightness amplifier. Many agree that vitamin C, applied locally, is a fabulous antioxidant that stimulates collagen production. It is also able to give that effect of “natural glow” we all seek. The higher the concentration, the better.

How to use it. To be applied at night because volatile in light and air. It increases the brightness typical of young skin, reduces and prevents black spots.

[Credit content: CRB magazine]