Parallel universes, including cinema, fashion and culture

Universi paralleli

Who among us would not want to have one or more parallel universes where take a refugee from reality? Fortunately, Snapchat and its animated filters help us to turn us into dogs, pandas, various monsters and delicious kittens. That means that it is becoming a real parallel universe where Kim Kardashian seems to confide us her secrets and her worldly travels and Kate Hudson shows us, as best friend, technological beauty treatments.

But it is not the only real parallel universe. There are many, many others. There are parallel universes where fashion blends with culture.

Such as the Cannes Film Festival, just ended, where the models’ s clothes were talked about more than the films in the competition. Does any of you know who won the golden palm of this 69 th edition? I’m not here to make the list, but I want to mention who won the Gold Palme for best movie. Daniel Blake by Ken Loach. A Psychological and social movie which, incidentally, has been commented on by the director with the phrase:

«Another world is possible and necessary»

And then, like in Hollywod, the first world exhibition of “La Traviata” by Sofia Coppola that premiered in Rome, last Sunday July the 22nd, with Valentino’s costumes. And so one of the less successful works of Verdi, is sold out of at the Opera for the first time after who knows how many years.

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Parallel universes that is worth knowing

«[…] an exhibition that tells the artistic career of one of the greatest interpreters of the culture of his time, a totemic figure that – speaking of stars, death, homosexuality, madness – gave to listeners a chance to get rid of past idols, dreaming of an escape in parallel universes »

This is Lorenzo Sassoli de Bianchi’s comment  speaking of the exhibition of the White Duke, David Bowie, which will be open in Bologna,  from 14 of July to 13 of November.

Parallel universe, for many, is the world of Barbie visible at the Vittoriano in Rome. And, again, parallel universes are the various Disneyland around the world, able to make children and grown up dream; as well as the latest movie about Alice, “Alice through the mirror” going out today with an exceptional cast – Johnny Depp in the Mad Hatter and Anne Hathaway in Mirana.

For all of the other parallel universes there is only imagination

For all of those other worlds that sometimes, myself included, we build going away from reality, losing the real perception of things, believing in something that does not exist, there is the power of imagination, to transform the banality of ordinary. Only this way, the gramophone from the 50’s will be able to start playing again. Unepected.

Those who dream during the day know many things which escape those who dream only by night“. – Edgar Allan Poe

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