Can’t stop producing memories, use it


“Memories are just a fuel for life […] And if we run out of fuel, if the drawer of memories inside me did not exist, I think already for quite a while I would be swept in two net . I’d be dead by the roadside, curled up in some miserable hole. Whether it is important things or stupid, it is because I can fish in the drawer so many memories, one after another, that I can continue my way to get by, although this existence seems like a bad dream”. – Haruki Murakami

We all have memories. Good and bad. Sometimes they emerge forcefully, taking us unprepared. A grey sky. A day less hectic than the others. A feeling of sadness that you can not hide. Food.

Melancholy is nothing more than an unconscious memory. – Gustave Flaubert or Sadness become light” – Italo Calvino.

There is nothing wrong with being overwhelmed. Sometimes.

What’s in your box of memories?

I know the answer. All that has made you what you are today.

If there is one thing that fascinates me, it is everyone’s personal history. How did you get where you are today, what has influenced your style and your way of being? Slowly in life I’ve learnt not to judge, but to think that if someone behaves in a certain way, their past has given them a reason for doing it.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons why I remain so fascinated by vintage. It has a flavor, colour and attitude able to re-live many possible stories. In a retro atmosphere, everyone re-lives a bit of their own life.

It’s surely no coincidence that Facebook has decided to take us on a daily journey reliving our memories. It does so aseptically, without knowing what they can trigger, bringing to mind past experiences.

If you could talk on the phone to remember what would you ask

“Reverie” {fusion of memory and dream for a future inspiration} or “memoire” {autobiographical relevant to the reality that leaves no room for new interpretations}?

If we don’t have memories, we could not remember the happy smell that made us feel good in the past.. We could not associate it with those happy thoughts belonging to the islands scent.

We will never be able to connect the famous scenes of our memory to our personal achievements. If you don’t have memory, you do not have places to find refreshment, you have no comfort zone. You may forget to belong to yourself. Completely.

You don’t have to live on memories, but mix your dreams with your life. Daily. To go back there where you have been happy once, or to go far without the fear of losing you.

If there was a phone that speaks with the past what would you ask it? I’m asking to always leave the door to the attic with all the physical and emotional chaos open. There is where I go back whenever I get lost.


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Shooting realizzato con  Elisa Rinaldi Fotografa