8 good reasons to practice sport


8 good reasons to practice sport and stop thinking that the sofa is beautiful. Here there is neither a dress rehearsal common of that game that every period before summer tortures us, nor an excuse to buy the brand new Beyoncé sporty collection. It is a way to think again about the concept of limit and to learn how to overcome it.

I must admit that for me it is quite an easy issue. I’ve always loved to play sports. When I was five years old I started training at a dance school and among other professions that I wanted to choose, there was a physical education teacher. And not because it was the easiest class.

Sport has always been an integral part of my life. I’m not myself when I don’t practice regularly, it calms and supports me all the time.

8 good reasons to practice sport and improve yourself everyday

This is not about the perfect shape. The famous “back better than Belen” to show off in bad taste selfies; it is not even a push to adhere to strange  thinking philosophies “Harder is better” or “no sweat no candy”, but it’s the only way to find the right balance withi yourself.

It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up” – Babe Ruth

  1. Playing sports teaches discipline. Getting used to constance, fatigue and even a bit of pain to achieve a goal. Beautiful things are never the easy ones.
  2. Playing sports models the body and mind simultaneously. It is not only about the famous release of endorphins, it is the ability to get away from reality by focusing on yourself.
  3. Playing sports teaches to cooperate. Teamwork is vital to get to the finish line. In a race, a game and in life.
  4. Playing sports helps to be humble. After a victory can be a defeat and the need to work harder strengthening the weak points. It helps not to give up right when you are most in need.
  5. Playing sports teaches us not to stop when you’re tired, but to stop when you’re done.
  6. Playing sport does not build character, it reveals it.
  7. Playing sports teaches us not to run away from challenges, but to run towards them.
  8. Playing sports teaches that you can not really know how it goes, until you try.

And who ever said that playing sport would have been useful for a photography editorial. Not to take its too seriously, to transform an historical dress by André Courregès {Balenciaga cutter in the 60’s) into a uniform during a hot afternoon in mid-March.

Monsieur Courreges thought that his clothes rejuvenated women without using scalpel … I forgot to mention that playing sports helps this too.

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