Surrealism pop or not is an escape



Surrealism pop or not it is a way of being. Pervaded and invaded by the reality that surrounds us. The everyday places, the specific contingencies and tv news are just the starting point, the incipit and the flash point of view that life gives to us. Every day you can choose to stop at that level, or go further by mixing the more or less harsh reality with the dream and the unconscious.

If you decide not to be happy with the only reality; if you think that the dream world is a fundamental part of life, then you are in some way affected by surrelism, pop or not that depends. The addiction of pop comes next. It comes to us when we can express and represent this imaginary where the line between real and surreal almost vanishes, through different forms of expressions.

Surrealism pop or not It is another way of escape

Many questions about human nature are answered by the pictures I take, images out of time and far from here and now” – Rodney Smith

This is neither about me nor you. We are talking about the American photographer Rodney Smith. He interrogates himself about the human being unconscious and seeks for the dimension of dreams in modern times.

Should not this be the purpose of art in general? Starting from reality, the one we see on tv news, understand how it affects people’s way of life, and try to return it chewed and reworked. In a  good or bad way it depends only on the artist.

This is not even the ultimate purpose of architecture and fashion?

Starting from the real needs of modern civilization and turn them into dream spaces to live happy or status symbol, made of clothes and accessories that make us dream again?


The art that eliminates the border between real and surreal is the Surrealism pop

Everyone has a way of communicating. Some people like to give a happy and romantic image of themselves, others try to give a sleek image, and many “practice” a pop attitude that almost without even realizing it, slips into kitsch and those who try to use the media to express themselves, without thinking about the strategy.

Beyond a dress, a location, a make-up or a text, a message should always win. The message is what should never obey to any logic.

And that’s the reason why in the photos that we like objects and people are suspended in a spatial dimension without coordinates. In a time that we do not know whether it has really existed. Communication is direct and subtle, it wants to shake the psychology of the beholder.

It is a way to free ourselves from the conventions, to escape the time suspended between a nostalgic past and a romantic future, capable of recalling to mind something familiar yet never lived at the same time.

And this is the reason why our photos want to look outside, inside, under, above and upside and no matter if:

The garden voice is almost inaudible in the noise of the world” – cit.



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