Decorating With House Plants



Decorating with house plants an interior is the easiest way to breathe life, simply adding some green. No matter the size of the space {living room, kitchen or bathroom} or how green is your thumb. It’s really simple to bring the nice sensation of an outdoor place into an indoor one and create a small piece of heaven.

Decorating With House Plants is simpler than what you think

We often think we need too much space and too much care to place plants inside our homes and transform small corners in mini relaxing gardens. It’s actually much simpler than what you think by following a few tips and choosing the right plants.

Idee per Decorating With House Plants

  • Abundance of green: plants of different size and type can be placed on shelves and also hung in wicker baskets. There is no specific order, only a small dose of aesthetic sense. Effect calm and tranquility guaranteed.



  • To fill a void: sometimes there’s just an empty corner in a room. A great colorful vase and a plant with long leaves can be the missing right piece of furniture.
  • Have the aromatic herbs close: perfect for the kitchen, add small vessels with aromas and perfumes, it is a perfect way and a very useful one to decorate a wall.
  • Try with jars: few transparent jars of various sizes can be filled with earth and plants succulent, set in groups on a low table, to completely change the perception of a space.
  • Bathing beauty you can easily turn into a spa a white and minimalist bathroom by adding small scattered plants.


  • Use succulent plants: they do not need almost any care. Not even water. Match mini cactus plants with flowers. Group them in a tray on a low table or on a bench.


  • Start collecting: Porcelain vases, glass, baskets and plastic. Put them together without fear. Diversity will be a strength.


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