How to decor an interior in winter


How to decorate an interior in winter when Christmas is just a memory. Once Twelfth Night has passed, our homes can seem very bare. The absence of lights, reindeer, decorations here and there, has left noticeable gaps in our homes. Le nécessaire du cocooning {the need to be pampered}  now has to be met in other ways. And now that the famous English phrase “Babe it‘s cold outside” can be used, we need to know more than ever that there is no place warmer and more comfortable than home.

How to decorate an interior in winter, a trick for every room

The living room space is the simpliest room to decorate
1. The ideal would be having  a real fireplace, but in its absence you can think of an electric fireplace. It‘s like a picture, you can hang it anywhere and the result is certainly atmospheric..
2. Replace the summer coloured carpets, pillows and sofa covers, with neutral coloured fabrics. A soft grey wool carpet is perfect, add, for extra comfort, a white wool sheep carpet {you can also buy from Ikea at 39.90 E}.
3. Add soft fabrics pillows everywhere. On couches, on the ground, near a low table. A couple of blankets, ready to use, resting casually on the armchair.
4. Alternate neutral colours with metallic and shimmering fibers, glass or silver elements will add light and warmth.

The kitchen and the dining room
Obviously if the house is small, it will be easier to get a satisfactory result with few items.

5. Even the kitchen, if it is already white, will be very easy to turn into a perfect winter indoors. This is one of the reasons why architects often focus on total white fixed and structural elements. Volume glossy alternating elements in walnut, for example, are a durable and timeless choice.
6. Once again sheep wool carpets and pillows on the chairs will add that feeling of softness.

For all of the other rooms
7. For those who like them, candles are never enough. In neutral colours – vanilla’s scent – or the famous French fragrance candele diptyque.
8. White lights, you don’t need to put them away until next Christmas, but you can decorate the entrance wall or single corners of the house with them all-winter long.

The only real cons is that it will be terribly difficult to leave your place, more than ever



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