Christmas cards to be close to far people


Christmas cards are the simplest way to be closer to far people. This is a general rule, even more true, in this Special period of the year. Images and little thoughts can do more than one thousands words. I’ve always loved to share a photo and a short quote with people I love – especially the far ones – and since I was a little child, I’ve considered it the best way to show we are thinking about them.

Christmas cards compose yours with fotor

If you have any graphic skill you can compose your card with any graphic program (photoshop, in design or similar), but wether you have not or you don’t have three time, you don’t need to worry. There are many software or apps who can help you. One of my favorite, I’ve constantly used and tried it out is  fotor. They have thought new special feature for Christmas. Original and creative cards, covers, stickers and simple way to design your own collage.

The simplest way to get your own Christmas cards

Creating your own card can be a very relaxing activity. Follow my easy tips and you’ll have fun and a great result. These general rules can be applied to many different celebrating occasions.

  1. Collects inspirational photos from internet {pinterest, google, favim or any website you love}
  2. Create a special folder in your computer {if you label it properly it can be a part of you personal imagenery world}
  3. Open a specific app – for Christmas cards you can easily try Christmas cards out, as I did in the following examples
  4. Upload all of your images in the app and start composing your own design
  5. Have fun
  6. Make someone you love happy



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