Nike floral Sneakers “Just Grow It”



Nike floral Sneakers is a sort of installation made by Monsieur Plant. Very creative and  green inspired Parisian artist. His works are mini gardens, created everywhere, to the point of having changed the famous sloganJust Do It” in “Just Grow It”.

Nike floral Sneakers, unusual behavior

“I’ve always been a Nike person” – cit

Many people associate Nike to the idea of freedom, movement and also victory. More than any other kind of sneakers, they are the symbol of sneakers. From hip hop dancers in the Bronx in NYC, to the runners in the Olympics; to the latest trends that see Nike shoes during best street style outfits from Fashion Week.

Vegetable sculptures, evolution of  Nike floral sneakers

It’s not so strange that Christophe Guinet (known as Mr. Plant) has collected historical models of Nike, mainly high basketball ones, and transformed these iconic shoes in vegetal sculptures. So sporty dunk mid-top are covered with flowers, grass and bark.

Certainly those are not creations for everybody and for those who, like me, can not give up the #greeninspiration, but without exaggeration, we can always go for a pair of Nike for Liberty London.