Green inspiration #101_fashion cooking

January 09, 2013

Green inspiration #102_fashion cooking

…It doesn’t depend on what you are doing…it depends on how you feel…

…Non dipende da quello che fai….dipende da come ti senti…

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14 Responses to “Green inspiration #101_fashion cooking”

  1. Love the cap as well. “It doesn’t depend on what you are doing….it depends on how you feel…”


  2. Great inspirational picture! Love it, contemplating wearing a dress when I’ll cook tonight!!

  3. Ruby says:

    While cooking and wearing green, it pours energy from the heart chakra to the food, so don’t be surprised if you feel loved while eating! Thank you for the inspiration!

  4. Reblogged this on curls and couture and commented:
    Love this dress, it’s kind of like the one I wore to my prom. x

  5. Konstantina says:

    Such a pretty picture, lovely moment.

  6. caroline1t says:

    Ha! That is such pretty dress…. it makes me want to cook!

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